Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

My Balsam Hill Home: The Winter Wonderland of Your Dreams

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It seems very easy, or almost an instinct, to create a cohesive white Christmas decorating theme at home. But there’s always the challenge of finding key pieces – from sparkling silver accents to sage stockings – that will marry well with your white Christmas tree and will create a winter wonderland that’s as natural-looking as snowfall.

Introduce a flurry of sparkling snowflakes into your home with these topnotch Balsam Hill offerings.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

My Balsam Hill Home: The Lovely Winter Season

The Lovely Winter Season The rustic beauty of winter is a theme beloved by homeowners when they decorate for Christmas. With this collection, you will see the beauty of the shape of the ornaments and the endearing and stunning way it captures the lovely ambiance of winter frost. From the Christmas tree to the holiday ornaments, look at the exquisite holiday decorating ideas highlighted in the Winter Frost collection.

Set the Stage Using the Perfect Tree

Winter Frost Decorating – Full Shaped BH Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
Balsam Hill’s BH Noble Fir has a full profile for classic holiday decorating

Since you want to recreate the rustic appeal of the outdoors, a full-shaped Christmas tree offers the perfect profile that complements your theme and enhances the color of your ornaments. The BH Noble Fir features a classic, woodsy charm that provides a strong contrast to your accessories that accentuate their color, shape, and embellishments. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

My Balsam Hill Home: Classic Christmas Flair

The use of mistletoe and holly to decorate houses for the holidays was historically associated with bringing luck into one’s home. It was also used to ensure that your family is protected. The custom of hanging these evergreens was eventually merged with modern holiday décor. Balsam Hill™ pays tribute to the age-old mistletoe and holly tradition and classic holiday colors with a decorating theme that will brighten up any home in style.

A Classic Christmas with Mistletoe and Holly

Mistletoe and Holly Decorating Theme

Mistletoe and Holly Decorating Theme by Balsam Hill™

Perfect for any setting, this Mistletoe and Holly themed Christmas tree is classy and sophisticated, yet remains endearing to children, inviting them to come near and appreciate the lovely trimmings. The wonderful decorating theme can be achieved with a variety of Christmas decorations that come together beautifully, including several types of ornaments, tree skirts, Christmas stockings and other accents, which will be featured in this post.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

The Timeless Elegance of Silver:
Reed & Barton Christmas Ornaments on a BH Noble Fir Wreath

Silver has such a luxurious and elegant appeal because of the shine and clarity. Today, we use many types of decorations, but silver and plated silver ornaments always infuse a sense of legacy to our holiday decorating.

Balsam Hill brings this same wonderment in one very special decorating showcase made in partnership with Reed & Barton, a trusted brand of gifts and tableware since 1824. We are proud to unveil the Reed & Barton Ultimate Holiday Sweepstakes.

Dagmar Obert Decorates with Reed and Barton Silver Ornaments on BH Noble Fir Wreath
BH Noble Fir decorated with Reed & Barton ornaments

To celebrate this wonderful partnership, I recently had the pleasure of decorating with some of Reed & Barton’s most classic ornaments. The company has earned a reputation for quality and craftsmanship from the time of the American Revolution. This gives holiday decorating a sense of history and an enduring allure.

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