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Christmas has always been about spending time with family. It is an excellent opportunity to take a breather from work and catch up with loved ones. And for some, the Yuletide season is also the best time to build and strengthen bonds with new friends.

This is why we, at Balsam Hill UK, are happy to introduce our newest group of blogger friends. Each one of these amazing people embody the values that make celebrating Christmas much more meaningful and memorable. We are already looking forward for more collaboration in the future.

Carole King of Dear Designer

Carole King's Vancouver Spruce Christmas Tree

Carole King’s Vancouver Spruce Christmas Tree

For Carole King of Dear Designer, being an interior designer can be a challenge sometimes. There is always the pressure of having to come up with a picture-perfect display with each project. She feels that her guests expect to see a Disney-esque wonderland every time they step into her home, and for her Christmas display last season, the expectation was no different.

In order to create her charming Christmas display, Carole went with Balsam Hill UK’s Vancouver Spruce. Choosing to go with a more eclectic theme, Carole complemented the realistic foliage of the Christmas tree with a scheme of black ornaments and gold baubles. The evergreen needles of the tree allowed the metallic ornaments to shine especially when combined with the bright clear lights, creating a simple yet enchanting centerpiece for her living room.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Super Bowl Recipes and Party Ideas

Super Bowl Sunday is an extraordinary day, with millions of football fans gathering to watch NFL’s championship game. Families and friends flock their television sets to watch and support their teams, making this day a great opportunity to host a party. Here are ideas to make Game Day even more fun and exciting:

Snacks to Whip Up for Game Day

There is no need to cook a sumptuous heavy meal for a Super Bowl party. All you need are finger food and light snacks to munch on while watching the television. Here are some easy-to-prepare snacks that can make your friends and family full and satisfied while glued to the TV:

Chili-Garlic Chicken Wings

The special chili-garlic sauce and green onion garnish makes these chicken wings a real crowd pleaser. Before deep-frying, the wings are generously seasoned with salt and black pepper, and dredged in flour. Get detailed instructions here.

Oregon Tuna Melts

Guests would be raving about the balance of tuna and cheese in these sandwiches. Onions, olive oil, vinegar, basil and crushed red pepper make the tuna salad extra rich. Mustard, mayonnaise and cheese complement all these great flavors. Add a fun football kick to the tuna melts by placing them in football sandwich wraps.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

A Night of Festivities: A Look Back

The contest-winning wreath

The winning wreath in Balsam Hill’s Showroom Event

As the holidays conclude, so too does Balsam Hill’s Showroom Sale. As a token of gratitude to all who participated, we would like to look back at what took place last December during the special event dedicated to our Bay Area blogger friends. The night was definitely a night for the holiday-decorating enthusiast, with décor giveaways, a wreath decorating contest, and of course, great wine and good food.

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Balsam Hill’s 2 More Reasons to Smile for the Holidays

Balsam Hill has had its fair share of mentions and “likes,” but it’s nothing compared to how much love we have been receiving from design and DIY bloggers this past holiday season. In fact, aside from the 10 reasons we presented before, we are very glad to add 2 more reasons why we are all still smiling at Balsam Hill.

A Collection of Traditions

Balsam Hill Snowflake Ornament Set

Create a winter showcase with Balsam Hill’s Snowflake Ornament Set.

Leslee of Her Happy Balance has been enjoying the beauty of our statuesque Blue Spruce tree for years. She and her family have made it a point to add to its ornaments every year, making it a holiday tradition that they look forward to each Christmas. This year, Leslee added Balsam Hill’s Snowflake Ornament Set to their collection. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“These clear glass, crystal flakes are the perfect touch of winter elegance to add to his decor. And because I liked the snowflakes so much, I’m thinking that one of our new traditions will be adding a new snowflake or winter hanging piece to his decorations collection each year.” Read This Entry