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Thinking about Storage: The Different Types of Storage Bags

Balsam Hill’s Rolling Multipurpose Greenery Bag

Store your foliage décor properly to retain its shape and beauty.

Christmas is one of the most memorable occasions of the year. Taking down your Christmas ornaments and other decorations as the celebrations wind down is almost melancholic. However, knowing that your décor is safe and stored properly for next year’s festivities is a comforting thought. This thought might even help you get through the post-holiday blues.

In this post, we will show you a variety of storage options for your treasured décor, and why you should consider investing in one or several of them. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Ask Balsam Hill with Dagmar Obert: On Storing your Foliage Décor

Dear Dagmar,

Most of the holiday decorations in our home this year are foliage-based. I want to store them properly so they will still look great for next season. Can you share some ideas on how I can store my wreaths and garlands properly?



Dear Rachel,

To keep your wreath looking vibrant, prevent it from being squished during storage. Keep it in a box with more than enough space like a large plastic container. You can also hang it from a clothes hanger to keep it away from larger boxes. Invest in storage products like Balsam Hill’s wreath storage bags, which are designed to keep your wreath in its best shape for the next holiday season.

Garlands can be stored in large boxes too. Make sure to wrap them first in tissue or bubble wrap to protect their needles and embellishments while not in use.

Wreath and Garland Storage Bag from Balsam Hill

Store your wreath or garland in a wreath storage bag and keep it in a cool, dry place.

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Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

My Balsam Hill Home: The Perfect Place for Man’s Best Friend

The holidays are best enjoyed with loved ones, which sometimes include the furry creatures that are part of the family. Always willing to give their love and loyalty, pets deserve nothing less than our care and affection. This season, make your dog feel loved and comfortable by adding special touches to your home.

Create a Relaxing and Comfortable Space for your Dog

Cozy Microfiber Pet Sofa from Balsam Hill

Keep your dog comfortable at all times with the Cozy Microfiber Pet Sofa from Balsam Hill

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Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Inspirations: The Revelstoke Fir

Here at Balsam Hill, we take great pride in crafting some of the most realistic artificial Christmas in the market. Our goal is to capture the beauty of real evergreens down to its minutest detail in order to provide homeowners with the best quality Christmas tree that would last them for years. We make sure that each Balsam Hill Christmas tree is unique and special to match any decorating theme.

Revelstoke National Park

The Picturesque Landscape of Revelstoke National Park, BC, Canada

In this edition of Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Inspirations, we feature one of our newest artificial Christmas tree creations: the Revelstoke Fir. Inspired by the captivating charm of Canada’s vast forests, our tree lets you bring the elegance of the north to your home. Read This Entry