Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

Christmas Ornaments: the Ultimate Winter Wedding DIY

Balsam Hill Ornaments as Wedding Favors

We are having a ball dreaming up all kinds of out-of-the-box ways to use Balsam Hill ornaments. You may have seen the amazing photo backdrop we created – which put a creative twist on the traditional photo booth – but there are dozens of other ways you can use these gems to add dazzling detail to your winter wedding.

One of my absolute favorites? Place settings! That double as party favors! Like magic, ornaments transform any table spread into a scene straight out of a wintry wonderland. After using the ornaments to find their seats, friends and family can take their tokens home and use them to decorate their own trees. And every year when the holidays roll around and it’s once again time to break out the ornaments, they’ll talk about all the memories made around your special day. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Working tirelessly for long hours to protect and provide for the family make fathers real-life superheroes. One of the best ways to celebrate your dad is by helping him enjoy what he loves to do most, whether it’s with the family or his friends. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that will appeal to different types of dads.

For the Golfer Dad

Encourage your dad to take some time off and engage in his favorite sport by giving him practical yet stylish golf accessories. Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

Transform your Winter Wedding Dress with this Simple DIY Braided Belt

Winter Wedding Sash

Wintertime is all about the details. Christmas trees adorned with ornaments, windowsills lined with tinsel. It’s always amazing to me how a touch of sparkle can totally transform just about anything – often something that I didn’t think could get any more beautiful! Why not use the power of detail to take your winter wedding to the next level of loveliness?

My favorite kinds of detail are those that are handmade. I’ve also been loving the bridal belt trend! We decided to combine these two and to fashion our own handmade sash out of Balsam Hill’s Silver Basket Weave Ribbon. The results were nothing short of splendid. Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

The Perfect Ornament Backdrop for your DIY Winter Wedding

The Perfect Ornament Backdrop for your DIY Winter Wedding
I’ve always loved silhouettes. Perhaps it’s because they remind me of the old-timey pendants my grandmother used to wear, but there’s just something so nostalgic about their shape, and they’re always a refreshing reminder of how striking minimalism can be. What better place to show off the beauty of a classic cameo than at a winter wedding? Wintertime is a season of simplicity – trees have shed their leaves and all that’s left are beautiful bare branches creating simple silhouettes across icey blue skies. Can you tell it all makes me kind of poetic?

Play on the beauty of the season by making a stunning DIY winter wedding photo backdrop with Balsam Hill ornaments. The ornaments quickly come together in one dazzling design and put an innovative twist on the traditional photobooth. It’s a creative, contemporary spin on those pendants that I hold so dear, and will create photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for years, as well.

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