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How to Reuse Christmas Decorations and Christmas Lights All Year Round

The holidays may be over, but don’t pack away all those decorations just yet. Balsam Hill will show you unique and stylish ways to turn Christmas ornaments into home décor that can be used all year long.

1. Christmas Lights

Not ready to let go of your twinkling lights after Christmas? Because the soft luminescence of the winter solstice is still upon us until the spring, subtle accent lighting at home works as a wonderful way to keep the sparkle of the holidays in a cheerful way.

Create your own glamorous dressing room by framing an oversized mirror with white Christmas lights. Used as vanity lighting, twinkle lights can make your room look more stylish when all the other lights are turned off. Make the lights look more elegant by draping them in a generous fashion.

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Jay Lynn Reveals Secret to the Perfect Christmas Tree [SLIDE SHOW]

“Simple but festive and sparkly” spell the perfect holiday style for Jay Lynn. The winner of Balsam Hill’s Secret to the Perfect Christmas Tree contest garnered the highest number of votes on Facebook when he shared one heartwarming holiday decorating idea with BH fans.

Underneath his magnificent 7.5-foot Aspen Estate Fir artificial tree lay a sprawling miniature Christmas village: simple, festive, sparkly. But the vision of elegance doesn’t end with just the tree.

As Jay reveals to Balsam Hill, his favorite part of the house to decorate exudes just as much warmth and welcome as his beautiful evergreen. Find out more in this interview.

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Holiday Organizing 101: 7 Smart Ways to Maximize Storage Space for your Holiday Decorations

Storing holiday decorations can be tricky business. Homeowners are often faced with the problem of fitting all their holiday décor in such a small storage area. To solve this, Balsam Hill is giving you quick tips on how to maximize both conventional and unconventional storage spaces so you can stow your decorative items easily.

1. Utilize the Space Under Your Staircase

The area underneath your staircase can make for an excellent storage space
Industrial Staircase by Montreal Interior Designers & Decorators Esther Hershcovich

Most modern homes leave the space underneath the staircase vacant and bare. Utilize this ‘hidden’ area to its fullest potential. Place large wooden crates and other stylish containers underneath the steps. Arrange them according to style and size then stack them up neatly.

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Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Holiday Organizing 101: Garland and Wreath Storage Ideas

Garlands and wreaths are two of the most challenging holiday decorations to store. Unlike ornaments and lights, they need larger spaces so that their fine foliage and adornments won’t get damaged. Fortunately, there are some wonderful garland and wreath storage ideas that will ensure their quality during the off-season. Here is a short but informative guide to help you with the process.

How to store artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands
Traditional Holiday Decorations by Redwood City Furniture & Accessories Balsam Hill

1. Carefully remove the garland from the mantel or your banister. To do this without causing any damage to your piece, gently drape it over your arm and carry it to the location of your container. This method also ensures that your décor won’t get tangled or stepped on as you move it.
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