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Every memorable Christmas feast begins with a wonderful tablescape. From the elegant place settings to the thoughtful seat arrangements, the amount of preparation shows how much the host appreciates the presence of friends and family during this special occasion.

A romantic Christmas table setting by Courtney of French Country Cottage

The art of setting a formal dinner table goes beyond putting together flatware and china; it’s about creating an atmosphere where guests can truly enjoy each other’s company during the holiday season. Be inspired by these Christmas table decoration ideas from Balsam Hill. Read This Entry

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Undeck the Halls: Clever Christmas Storage Solutions

Proper storage is very important for maintaining the beautiful look of your artificial trees, foliage, and ornaments. Unlike cardboard boxes or plastic bags, high quality Christmas storage containers provide your valuable holiday decorations with better protection against damage, dirt, and moisture. In this post, we review a selection of smart storage solutions and the reasons you may want to consider investing in them.

Foliage Storage On The Go

Rolling Multi-Purpose Greenery Bag

Store a small Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands together in our Rolling Greenery Bag.

If you own a number of artificial foliage, then our premium Rolling Multi-Purpose Greenery Bag is a great option. Its large size allows you to store wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees all in one container. An inner compression system secures foliage pieces in place and sturdy wheels make moving around quick and easy.

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Celebrate Another Season of Giving with Balsam Hill

It’s the season of giving and Balsam Hill hopes to embody that spirit by spreading cheer to those in need. We will be featuring six charities with partnering influencers, each giving you the chance to help out.


From December 7 to January 5, 2018, you can spread cheer with a single click. Check our Facebook page on the dates below and leave a comment, react, or share. For each comment on a blog post—whether from our blog or one of our guests’—we will donate $2 to the featured charity. For social media comments and shares, we will donate $1; for social media reactions, we will donate 50 cents.

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European Dishes Part 1: The Festive Flavors of the Balkans, the Baltic and the British Isles

The Christmas meal is among the most cherished of traditions during the Yuletide season. Across cultures, this feast is made special because it is shared in a warm gathering with family and friends.

Christmas Meals from Around the World with Balsam Hill

Christmas Meals from Around the World with Balsam Hill

Not only is it a joyous occasion, it is a delicious one, too. In this Balsam Hill series, we’ll take you on a journey of discovering Christmas feasts as they are prepared around the world. Get ready to sit down to 25 distinct meals and traditions, and have the chance to taste them for yourself with helpful recipes included from every region.

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Thomas "Mac" Harman | CEO of Balsam Hill

Ask Mac: Which Balsam Hill Tree Should I Get?

‘Twas almost Thanksgiving
and all through the house,
none of my offspring were stirring,
not even my spouse.
And while I know I should get some rest,
I can’t help but write,
a note to all of you,
before I sign off for the night.
So many friends have asked,
“Hey Mac, what tree should I buy?”
I can barely keep up, in providing my replies.
So here are my thoughts, lucid and true;
I very much hope, they are helpful to you!

Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce

Vermont White Spruce

(Impatient friends who want an immediate “80/20” answer: buy the Vermont White Spruce.)

For everyone else, first, thank you for your interest in welcoming Balsam Hill to your home! I’m honored. I know there are a lot of trees to choose from. In fact, I’ve personally designed all of our 50+ tree families.

I must admit this exercise is a bit like having multiple kids and the hazard of picking a favorite. Even the trees you might find on deep discount aren’t “bad” trees – they are just ones that apparently our customers didn’t like as much as I did!

3 Questions to Answer When Picking Your Tree

1. Did you grow up with a real tree?

Balsam Hill BH Noble Fir

BH Noble Fir

If so, I’d suggest buying one of our replica trees from the region where you grew up as everything about them should seem familiar to you. If you grew up on the West Coast, I’d recommend the BH Noble Fir. If you grew up in New England or the Philly-NYC corridor, I’d recommend the BH Balsam Fir. If you grew up along the Atlantic Seaboard or in Florida, then the BH Fraser Fir. Anywhere else, I’d suggest the BH Blue Spruce.

If you didn’t grow up with a real tree, then I’d recommend the Vermont White Spruce (you just can’t go wrong with this tree – it is full, gorgeous, and versatile) or the BH Noble Fir (note it is a green-gray color). The BH Blue Spruce (a blue-green color) is pretty awesome, too. All three of these trees are terrific for hanging lots of ornaments, and easy to “fluff” to be super full and lush. Read This Entry

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9 Jaw-Dropping Christmas Tree Deals

Black Friday is a great time to score some amazing Christmas tree deals. Here’s a round-up of premium Christmas trees at deeply discounted prices to help you create the holiday display of your dreams.

Stratford Spruce – 50% OFF

Stratford Spruce

Stratford Spruce

Get the designer look without the designer price tag with the elegant Stratford Spruce, crafted with a space-saving narrow profile and lifelike forest-green needles.

Saratoga Spruce – 50% OFF

Saratoga Spruce

Saratoga Spruce

Featuring a sleek narrow silhouette and abundant grass-greentips, this lifelike 7-foot Saratoga Spruce is stunningly beautiful even before you decorate it.

Classic Blue Spruce – 40% OFF

Classic Blue Spruce

Classic Blue Spruce

A wide conical shape, dense foliage, and a gorgeous blue-green color—the Classic Blue Spruce is a timeless favorite that you can bring home for an absolutely irresistible price.

Berkshire Mountain Fir – 50% OFF

Berkshire Mountain Fir

Berkshire Mountain Fir

With its dual-toned foliage, elegant in-and-out branch structure, and various lighting options, the Berkshire Mountain Fir packs plenty of great features into its compact shape and compact cost.

BH Fraser Fir – 30% OFF

BH Fraser Fir

BH Fraser Fir

Enjoy substantial savings and striking holiday style with the BH Fraser Fir. It’s made with realistic, two-toned needles and offered in a huge range of sizes and lighting options.

You can get even more value with these swoon-worthy Christmas tree decorations at wallet-friendly prices: Read This Entry

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Elegant Entryways: Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

The most breathtaking holiday homes radiate the beauty of Christmas from every angle. While a Christmas tree fills your interiors with the spirit of the season, a beautifully decorated entryway conveys a festive atmosphere that extends beyond the four corners of your home. Here are a few Christmas door decorating ideas to inspire your entryway décor this season.

A Frosty French Door Ensemble

Merry and Bright Doorway Decorations. Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage

Brimming with snowy splendor, frosted accents bring the beauty of winter into your home. For her Merry & Bright Christmas, Courtney of French Country Cottage opted for flocked evergreens and bright lights to adorn her white French doors. Read This Entry

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5 Beautiful Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorating your porch or backyard with outdoor Christmas decorations is a wonderful way to welcome guests and share the Christmas spirit. With a wide range of outdoor ornaments to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.

A merry and bright outdoor Christmas display

Photo by Courtney of French Country Cottage

Some factors to consider when planning for your home’s exterior décor are what themes you have in mind and what items you’ll need. The scale of your outdoor Christmas decorations and where you’ll place them is important too. In today’s post, we’re sharing five beautiful decorating ideas to ensure that your outdoors is the perfect picture of festive cheer. Read This Entry