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How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree: Easy Elegance with Instant Evergreens™

Enjoy the advantages of using Balsam Hill’s signature Instant Evergreen™ Christmas trees. With these beautiful artisan displays, you can create a stylish yuletide highlight for your home within mere minutes.



Setup in Minutes to Achieve Easy Elegance

For people who prefer lighted Christmas displays, one of the main challenges they encounter is setting up the wires properly. While many other pre-lit holiday trees offer easy-to-follow Christmas lights systems, Balsam Hill takes the concept further by providing a pioneering way that fuses consumer-friendly features with first class brilliance.



Aptly called the Easy Plug™, our technology lets consumers set up their yuletide trees without worrying about cumbersome wires. The secret lies in its system of having the electrical connections expertly concealed within the tree base. Each tier is comprised of elaborate lighting powered up through plugs inside the poles.

How does an Instant Evergreen work? Watch this video.

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Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July Campaign: 10 Featured Bloggers Spread Holiday Cheer this Summer

Christmas is one of the most special occasions we celebrate every year, but that doesn’t mean the holiday spirit shouldn’t be present all year round. Balsam Hill has extended the season of giving through its Christmas in July Charity Campaign, wherein 10 of our blogger friends chose the charity closest to their hearts and helped raise funds for them.

Win Balsam Hill's exclusive Mistletoe and Holly ornaments when you donate and join our Christmas in July charity raffle
Balsam Hill’s Mistletoe and Holly Ornaments

The campaign was open to all our readers who wished to support the bloggers and their cause through a donation. In response, Balsam Hill has doubled the amount of all donations made and matched up to $1000 of the total funds raised for each charity. We also featured each blogger and their cause in an interview series with our resident design expert Dagmar Obert.

Out sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone who supported this initiative, especially our amazing blogger friends. All this wouldn’t have been possible without you.

For more information on our featured bloggers and their chosen charity, please click on the corresponding links below. Merry Christmas in July, everyone!

Dagmar for the Special Olympics

Cheryl for the National Stroke Association

Michelle for Hope for Paws

Sarah for Families for Hope, Inc.

Diana for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Erica for Mothers Without Borders

Amy for Project Yesu

Vanessa and Heather for Hope Unlimited for Children

Fadra for The Humane Society

Kristin for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation

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Christmas in July: Balsam Hill Doubles the Donations

Balsam Hill is spreading the joy of the holidays all throughout the year with our Christmas in July charity fundraiser. We have partnered with 10 bloggers who have each selected a foundation. Help them raise money for their cause by donating here.

We will double the amount of all donations made on July 25 to 27 and match up to $1000 of the total funds raised for each charity.

Every $5 donation entitles you to one entry in our Christmas ornament raffle promo. With a $25 donation, you will receive one of our signature Mistletoe and Holly ornaments, an amazing keepsake to commemorate the spirit of giving. Donate now and help us rekindle the message of Christmas no matter the season.

Balsam Hill is celebrating Christmas in July by helping 10 bloggers raise funds for charity all in the spirit of giving.
Our Christmas in July raffle winner will receive our Mistletoe and Holly ornament set
Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July Campaign: Vanessa of At The Picket Fence

At the Picket Fence celebrates Christmas in July by raising money for charity. Get to know Vanessa, her beneficiary and her answers to our questions about the virtues of generosity and compassion with this post from the Balsam Hill blog.  


For Vanessa, having a loving and supportive family can make a world of difference to a child’s growth. As a devoted mother to two adorable children and as one half of an amazing sisters duo, our featured blogger knows how much it means to have someone take care of you as you go through the challenges of life. That is why Vanessa always makes it a point to spend time with her family and stay connected to them no matter how far they may be.

Since creating At The Picket Fence with her sister Heather, Vanessa has become one of the most successful bloggers on the internet. Thanks to the wonderful crafts and projects they feature on their blog, the sisters are now considered as mavens of practical decorating. Their articles are constant source of inspiration for many of their followers. But even though they may have found popularity on the blogosphere, for Vanessa and her sister, family will always come first.

Hope Unlimited for Children

As part of Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July charity campaign, Vanessa named Hope Unlimited for Children as her chosen charity to help out. Founded by Reverend Jack Smith and his son Philip along with David Swoap, the former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Hope Unlimited for Children aims to rescue homeless children in the streets of Brazil and provide them with care and safe housing.

In a recent interview, she shares on how their family was introduced to the organization. “We became aware of this charity through another blogger and it just struck such a chord with us,” says Vanessa. “As mothers ourselves it is unfathomable to us to think about these young children living on the streets and the hopelessness they would live with every day. We couldn’t NOT do something, and we just knew that this was the right organization for us to support. Choosing a charity to support is a heart decision all the way.”

BH: Could you tell us a bit about the cause you’re supporting and what it means to you?

Vanessa: The charity we’ve chosen is Hope Unlimited for Children. This organization was founded by Reverend Jack Smith and his son Philip along with David Swoap (former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services) and began when they realized that homeless children in the streets of Brazil were being systematically killed when they were deemed a ‘public nuisance’. Currently, over 1019 children and hundreds more graduates and their families are served daily:

255 children in residential programs
35 children in graduate transition homes
540 children in preschool program
89 young adults in a church founded and led by Hope graduates

Over 100 graduates and children’s family members are also served through graduate support programs, including CENE (a church founded and led by Hope graduates) employment placement services, counseling programs, and family-support programs. Read This Entry