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Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees: The Difference between Incandescent and LED Lights

Choosing the right pre-lit artificial Christmas tree can be overwhelming with all the lighting options currently available. The two basic light types are incandescent and LED. While both share the common purpose of adding a beautiful glow to your holiday display, there are several factors to consider before deciding which light option is best for you.

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How to Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Smell Real

Every year, more and more families choose artificial Christmas trees over live ones to celebrate the holidays. Artificial trees offer a lot of advantages, such as minimizing fire hazards and eliminating the need to sweep fallen leaves and needles. For our customers who love the smell of real trees, we list down several ways of infusing the familiar scent of live evergreens into your Balsam Hill Christmas tree.

Balsam Hill's Scentsicles

Balsam Hill’s Scentsicles

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Balsam Hill Tastemakers: A Wrap-Up

Balsam Hill's Tastemakers 2016

As part of Balsam Hill’s 10th anniversary celebration, we hosted a very special series with some of the top bloggers we’ve worked with through the years. We invited our Tastemakers Housewalk partners to showcase their individual holiday decorating styles by adorning their Christmas trees with personally picked pieces from Balsam Hill’s latest line of themed ornaments and trim. Read This Entry

Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

A Bewitching Halloween Mantel

It is that time of year when all things ‘spooky’ come out to play for a bit.

Haunted houses, bats and owls, and ghosts and goblins seem to be popping up everywhere… but Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. Something like a whimsical and fun mantel styling is perfect for bringing a touch of the fun side of Halloween without any of the fright. Read This Entry

Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

Fall in love with Balsam Hill

Decorating for autumn is in full swing over at my house, and one of my favorite places to add a sprinkle of seasonal charm is the front porch.

Beautiful front porch with magnolia wreath and garland
Your front door is the first thing that guests see when coming over for a cup of coffee or harvest party, so it is a spot you definitely don’t want to overlook in seasonal decorating. Whether you go big and bold with lots of pumpkins or keep it more simple and elegant, a wreath, garland, and other touches will make it warm and welcoming. Read This Entry

Courtney | Special Holiday Consultant from French Country Cottage

Decorating with potted trees

Sometimes a little tree is exactly what you need to bring charm to a space. And a little tree in a pot or bucket? Well, that is even better.

Today I am talking about potted trees and sharing a few ideas on where you can use them. They are a natural touch outdoors to dress up your patio areas. They are perfect without lights on for adding color with their warm greenery, and with those twinkly lights all aglow, they can bring the perfect amount of magic to an otherwise ordinary space.

Three beautiful pre-lit potted trees to accentuate your patio
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Balsam Hill Light Up the Night Wrap-up

Balsam Hill's Light Up The Night Campaign

Our Light Up The Night Summer Housewalk has officially ended after almost two weeks of inspired creative collaboration. We would like to thank our bloggers for creating and sharing their beautiful designs with their fans and followers. Join us as we take a look back at these sparkling spaces that light up summer nights with a warm, welcoming glow.

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