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Everything you need to know about Balsam Hill’s line of artificial Christmas trees: from assembly and decorating to storage and troubleshooting

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Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Inspirations: The Revelstoke Fir

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Here at Balsam Hill, we take great pride in crafting some of the most realistic artificial Christmas in the market. Our goal is to capture the beauty of real evergreens down to its minutest detail in order to provide homeowners with the best quality Christmas tree that would last them for years. We make sure that each Balsam Hill Christmas tree is unique and special to match any decorating theme.

Revelstoke National Park

The Picturesque Landscape of Revelstoke National Park, BC, Canada

In this edition of Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Inspirations, we feature one of our newest artificial Christmas tree creations: the Revelstoke Fir. Inspired by the captivating charm of Canada’s vast forests, our tree lets you bring the elegance of the north to your home. Read This Entry

Dagmar Obert | Balsam Hill Design Consultant

The Balsam Hill Traveler: Norway

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Deep within the valleys and fjords of Northern Europe lies one of the world’s most captivating winter paradises: the magnificent kingdom of Norway. Throughout the centuries, this affluent Scandinavian country has been the center of rich traditions and luxurious holiday celebrations. It is also the home for some of the best live Christmas trees in history.

Norway Fjord

In this fourth edition of our Balsam Hill yuletide trees special, your friendly neighborhood traveler visits the beautiful and majestic country of Norway. Take a stroll through the famous Norwegian landscape and marvel at its natural wonders. Find out what makes this great Nordic realm a fine inspiration for our signature Christmas tree designs.

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Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

The Great Christmas Giveaway: Ornaments Galore

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Red Mercury Glass Pine Cone Ornament

Christmas trees are like snowflakes. No two are alike. Some people opt for the minimalism of tiny white lights, while others go to tinsel town with jumbo multi-color bulbs. No matter which party you belong to, most trees have one thing in common – ornaments! Everybody has their favorite ornament. I like things with texture like feathers and fabric, my husband prefers more classic shapes, and my kids go crazy over anything glittery and gold. With so many Balsam Hill ornaments to choose from, you can easily match any decorating style, fit any family tradition, and perhaps even create some new personal favorites!


Woodland Bird Ornament With Dew Drop Feathers

Living out in the country, one of my favorite things to do is watch birds flutter outside my kitchen window. This Woodland Bird Ornament brings a little bit of that magic inside the house. His shimmery red stripe and the delicate dew drops along his feathers make him look right at home nestled amongst the tree branches. (Psst… we’re giving away an entire Woodland Ornament Set! Scroll to the end of this post to learn how to win.)
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Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

We’re Giving Christmas Away

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Yesterday we announced the 12 Days of Christmas series with Handmade Charlotte and Balsam Hill. Today we’re spreading the joy of decorating with a massive giveaway of the greatest holiday essentials. We will introduce a new prize with every post over the next two weeks. We are starting things off right with one of our favorite Balsam Hill products — our BH Noble Fir Flip Tree™!

BH Noble Fir Flip Tree

BH Noble Fir Flip Tree&Trade; with Woodland Ornaments and Platinum Glitter Ribbon

When it comes to Christmas, I’m all about getting things up quick and then spending the rest of the season soaking up the merriment with my family. The Flip Tree™ is my every Christmas wish come true. All you have to do is flip it! Yes, I mean literally flip. It’s the world’s most innovative Christmas Tree and it’s only available at Balsam Hill.

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