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Inspired by my passion for the visual arts and my years of experience in the field of design, I enjoy a life of style and artistry. I am a devoted follower of minimalism and I believe in the marriage of form and function. I try to live by these principles, from my subtle but classic fashion sense when it comes to clothes and jewelry, to the various projects I manage and work on in my professional career Influenced by the refined grace of Coco Chanel, the timeless beauty of my favorite city, Stockholm, and the new ideas and trends I read from design books, I try to infuse my life with elegance and sophistication. Join me on Balsam Hill’s blog to get my tips and advice on home design and personal style.

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

My Balsam Hill Home: 5 Elements of a Cozy Reading Room

Reading a book is a wonderful way to escape the many stresses of work. A compelling novel or an awe-inspiring memoir transports you to a different place and time, and gives you the marvelous opportunity to unwind and gain new and valuable insight into life.

More than just a pastime or simple hobby, reading requires utmost concentration in your own intimate corner of the universe. A reading room provides exactly that: a sanctuary where you can relax and delve into the pages of your stories, far from the distractions and noise of home life. Here are five elements of a tranquil reading room for your literary adventures:

1. A Comfortable Chair

Pick out a wing or club seat that gives you maximum comfort. A large chair with a soft cushion can give your back the proper support it needs and will even let you move around. You can add a footstool to prop up your legs after a long and tiring day at the office.

Choose a chair that has soft fabric in a subtle color to complement any design scheme. Don’t go for leather. While it looks bold and sleek, leather can feel uncomfortable after hours of sitting.
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Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts
Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Celebrate with Balsam Hill: 7 Amazing Gifts for Fathers’ Day

Those who appreciate the many dimensions of fatherhood know very well that dads have different personalities. In celebration of Fathers’ Day, Balsam Hill lists down seven amazing gifts for seven amazing kinds of dads.

1. The Artistic Dad

Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts

What could be worth more than a Monet masterpiece in the living room? A colorful photo mural that captures dad in one of life’s treasured moments. Choose your favorite photo of him and turn it into a beautiful image on canvas. CafePress creates customized photo murals into gifts your family can cherish for years.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Balsam Hill Travels: Martha’s Vineyard

When it comes to the best vacation spots in the country, few others exude the simple yet enticing appeal of Martha’s Vineyard. The beauty of this New England paradise – from its rustic architecture and landmarks to its seemingly unending coastlines – has captivated the hearts and imagination of all who come to visit for the summer.

This season, join Balsam Hill as we take a closer look at how each town on the island helps define Martha’s Vineyard as an ideal home away from home.

Martha's Vineyard
Photo from m_p_king via flickr. CC BY 2.0

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Ancient Theater of Delphi
Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Balsam Hill Travels:
5 Summer Destinations in Europe

Nothing can be more intellectually stimulating than a holiday in Europe during the summer. This season gives your mind that much-needed midyear rejuvenation. It highlights the glorious colors of the world through the exuberance of the various cultures found on this continent. Enjoy the fine weather and take an enriching journey to five of Balsam Hill’s favorite cosmopolitan destinations in Europe.

Barcelona and Madrid

The sunny climate and flamboyant culture of Spain make this country an exciting summer travel destination. The city of Barcelona is famous for its fanciful but majestic architectural wonders by the renowned Antoni Gaudi, while the neo-classical city of Madrid is home to lovely parks as well as the Royal Palace, Museum on the Americas, Prado, and an Egyptian temple.

by artur84 /

With its spectacular scenery, the Green Spain of the Asturias makes the perfect spot for relaxation and soul-searching. Couples and families can enjoy the warmer Mediterranean waters off Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, and Costa del Sol with miles upon miles of superb beaches.

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