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Rachel Faucett is the founder of the well-loved online publication, Handmade Charlotte, where she offers a daily dose of DIY projects, crafts, recipes, inspiring spaces, and design inspiration to help families create unforgettable moments.

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

The Perfect Giveaway to Top Off Your Winter Wedding

Ornament Cake Toppers

I always look forward to the cake at wedding receptions. It’s a reflection of the combined aesthetic and culinary tastes of the bride and groom, and I always love seeing what they decide on! For me, it’s the star of the reception. Nowadays, people are skipping over the traditional layered cake and opting for more original presentations. And with ornaments and ribbon and greenery galore, winter weddings are the perfect opportunity for dessert decor. Balsam Hill designs make whipping up one-of-a-kind cake toppers easier then saying “I do.” Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

Christmas Ornaments: the Ultimate Winter Wedding DIY

Balsam Hill Ornaments as Wedding Favors

We are having a ball dreaming up all kinds of out-of-the-box ways to use Balsam Hill ornaments. You may have seen the amazing photo backdrop we created – which put a creative twist on the traditional photo booth – but there are dozens of other ways you can use these gems to add dazzling detail to your winter wedding.

One of my absolute favorites? Place settings! That double as party favors! Like magic, ornaments transform any table spread into a scene straight out of a wintry wonderland. After using the ornaments to find their seats, friends and family can take their tokens home and use them to decorate their own trees. And every year when the holidays roll around and it’s once again time to break out the ornaments, they’ll talk about all the memories made around your special day. Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

The Perfect Ornament Backdrop for your DIY Winter Wedding

The Perfect Ornament Backdrop for your DIY Winter Wedding

I’ve always loved silhouettes. Perhaps it’s because they remind me of the old-timey pendants my grandmother used to wear, but there’s just something so nostalgic about their shape, and they’re always a refreshing reminder of how striking minimalism can be. What better place to show off the beauty of a classic cameo than at a winter wedding? Wintertime is a season of simplicity – trees have shed their leaves and all that’s left are beautiful bare branches creating simple silhouettes across icey blue skies. Can you tell it all makes me kind of poetic?

Play on the beauty of the season by making a stunning DIY winter wedding photo backdrop with Balsam Hill ornaments. The ornaments quickly come together in one dazzling design and put an innovative twist on the traditional photobooth. It’s a creative, contemporary spin on those pendants that I hold so dear, and will create photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for years, as well. Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

The Decorated Doorstep of Your Dreams

1-balsam-front (2)

Doorstep fully decorated by Balsam Hill

At last! The mantel is made, the candles are lit, and there is a big shiny star on top of the tree. We still haven’t found my mother’s Irish wool stockings (fingers crossed), but our Candy Cane Piñata Stockings are making pretty fun placeholders. From tree skirt to chimney, our house is ready for the big day. Now all that’s left to do is to spread that spirit outside. The Balsam Hill 3-Tier Wreath, Mixed Berry Topiary, and Holiday Welcome Mat come together to create the perfect doorstep arrangement that lets the world know that Christmas is on its way. It’s the finishing touch to a Handmade Charlotte + Balsam Hill Christmas.

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Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

The Great Christmas Giveaway: Ornaments Galore

Red Mercury Glass Pine Cone Ornament

Red Mercury Glass Pine Cone Ornament

Christmas trees are like snowflakes. No two are alike. Some people opt for the minimalism of tiny white lights, while others go to tinsel town with jumbo multi-color bulbs. No matter which party you belong to, most trees have one thing in common – ornaments! Everybody has their favorite ornament. I like things with texture like feathers and fabric, while my husband prefers more classic shapes, and my kids go crazy over anything glittery and gold. With so many Balsam Hill ornaments to choose from, you can easily match any decorating style, fit any family tradition, and perhaps even create some new personal favorites! Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

Deck the Mantel with Holiday Cheer

DIY Candy Cane Piñata Stockings

Make a pair of DIY Candy Cane Piñata Stockings to hang on your mantel

When I was a child, my mother made me and my siblings the most beautiful argyle stockings made of real Irish wool. She traveled thousands of miles and made deals with local artisans to secure the yarn. This year, those knitted gems my mother spent months making are nowhere to be found. I thought about telling her we were taking a break from decorating this year, but she knows my love for decoration, so that would never work. After my husband talked me out of tearing the mantel down completely, I finally came clean and together we put our heads together and thought up a new family tradition: the DIY Candy Cane Piñata Stocking. Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

DIY Christmas Tree Soldier Gift Wrap and Giveaway

BH Balsam Fir

BH Balsam Fir™ decorated with Red Velvet Ribbon

We never miss the Nutcracker! My niece has been a cast member for over a decade now and the living room battle scene is hands-down my favorite part of the entire production. Even my oldest son squeals with excitement when the Mouse King raises his sword. The timeless quality of Balsam Hill’s new line of home decor reminds me of the classic tale and its breathtaking scenery. Yesterday we raved about the ease of set up with Balsam’s Flip Tree. Today we want to shine a light on the BH Balsam Hill Fir that currently stands tall in our Great Room. It never fails to be the conversation piece of every gathering. Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

We’re Giving Christmas Away

Yesterday we announced the 12 Days of Christmas series with Handmade Charlotte and Balsam Hill. Today we’re spreading the joy of decorating with a massive giveaway of the greatest holiday essentials. We will introduce a new prize with every post over the next two weeks. We are starting things off right with one of our favorite Balsam Hill products — our BH Noble Fir Flip Tree™!

BH Noble Fir Flip Tree

BH Noble Fir Flip Tree&Trade; with Woodland Ornaments and Platinum Glitter Ribbon

When it comes to Christmas, I’m all about getting things up quick and then spending the rest of the season soaking up the merriment with my family. The Flip Tree™ is my every Christmas wish come true. All you have to do is flip it! Yes, I mean literally flip. It’s the world’s most innovative Christmas Tree and it’s only available at Balsam Hill. Read This Entry

Rachel Faucett | Special Holiday Consultant from Handmade Charlotte

A Christmas Tree Story that Promises Wishes

Snow globes, fresh-out-of-the-oven ginger snaps, and tip toes around the presents are some of my favorite childhood memories. I love Christmas with all of my heart and still feel the magic that the Christmas tree brings. I’m thrilled to celebrate our second holiday season with Balsam Hill. Over the next two weeks we will be sharing our family’s holiday traditions and some helpful how-to’s.

Join Balsam Hill and Handmade Charlotte’s creative team as we deck the halls with a merry collection of holiday decor. We hope to inspire you and add a few new traditions to your family’s holiday celebration. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and follow along as our story unfolds.

Young girl drinking from a Santa Claus mug

The Beginning to a Christmas Tree Story

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