On the Balsam Hill blog, we hope to provide our readers with inspirational decorating ideas the entire family will love.

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About Balsam Hill

On the Balsam Hill blog, we hope to provide our readers with inspirational decorating ideas the entire family will love. Beautifully appoint your home for every holiday with our decorating tips and tricks.

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Christmas in July: Balsam Hill Doubles the Donations

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Balsam Hill is spreading the joy of the holidays all throughout the year with our Christmas in July charity fundraiser. We have partnered with 10 bloggers who have each selected a foundation. Help them raise money for their cause by donating here.

We will double the amount of all donations made on July 25 to 27 and match up to $1000 of the total funds raised for each charity.

Every $5 donation entitles you to one entry in our Christmas ornament raffle promo. With a $25 donation, you will receive one of our signature Mistletoe and Holly ornaments, an amazing keepsake to commemorate the spirit of giving. Donate now and help us rekindle the message of Christmas no matter the season.

Balsam Hill is celebrating Christmas in July by helping 10 bloggers raise funds for charity all in the spirit of giving.
Our Christmas in July raffle winner will receive our Mistletoe and Holly ornament set
Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July Charity Fundraising
and Christmas Ornament Kit Raffle Promo

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December isn’t the only time we can relish in the spirit of charity. This year, Balsam Hill is redefining Christmas in July as the new season of giving. We are partnering with 10 bloggers to help raise awareness and funds for their chosen charity through IndieGogo, the crowdfunding platform.

To support our friends, we will be featuring their cause in an interview series with our resident design expert Dagmar Obert. We will also be matching up to $1000 in total funds raised by each blogger. Click on the charity organizations to learn more about your favorite blogger’s special cause:

Dagmar for the Special Olympics

Cheryl for the National Stroke Association

Michelle for Hope for Paws

Sarah for Families for Hope, Inc.

Diana for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Erica for Mothers Without Borders

Amy for Project Yesu

Vanessa and Heather for Hope Unlimited for Children

Fadra for The Humane Society

Kristin for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation

Balsam Hill is celebrating Christmas in July by helping 10 bloggers raise funds for charity all in the spirit of giving.
Visit Balsam Hill’s Christmas Charity Page for more information


You can also do your part! By donating $5 to any of our sponsored charities, you get one (1) entry to our Christmas Ornament Kit Raffle Promo where you get a chance to win our exclusive Mistletoe and Holly Ornament Set.

For $25, you will also get one (1) Mistletoe and Holly ornament, which you can use to commemorate this new season of giving.

For more information on our Christmas in July Ornament Kit Raffle Promo, please see Balsam Hill’s Christmas in July Terms and Conditions.

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Balsam Hill Wins Silver in Horizon Interactive Awards

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Balsamhill.com won the Silver Award in the E-Commerce/Shopping Website category of the 12th Horizon Interactive Awards, besting other entries from around the globe.

Balsam Hill wins Silver Award

This year’s competition showcased “the best blend of technology, cutting-edge thinking, outstanding user-experience and overall aesthetics,” said Mike Sauce, founder of the award-giving body.

Best in the World

More than a thousand entries ranging from websites, videos, mobile applications, print advertisements, and email campaigns were received from nearly 50 states and 24 counties, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

The panel of judges evaluated the entries based on solution creativity, originality, optimization of viewing experience, overall graphic design, and technical merit.

A New Horizon for Balsam Hill

Winning the Silver Award affirms our continuing effort to innovate and provide customers with a user-friendly e-commerce platform. Balsam Hill aims to transform people’s online shopping experience during the holidays into something enjoyable and enlightening.

A screencap of Balsam Hill's award-winning website

The design reflects classic elegance yet the site is equipped with the latest features that redefine UX today. We have created a system that is not only easy to use; it also delivers complete product information, holiday decorating inspiration, troubleshooting guides, and unparalleled customer support.

Our Horizon Interactive Award is only the beginning. Soon, we will be opening up more avenues for engaging Balsam Hill customers throughout the world. The perfect Christmas is literally a few clicks away.

Balsam Hill | Balsam Hill Editors

Meet the Winner of Balsam Hill’s 2014 Mother’s Day Giveaway

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Celebrate Mom, Celebrate Life

Because Balsam Hill believes in celebrating the family, we invited everyone to share how their own families celebrate Mother’s Day. The most inspiring answer would win for the participant two English Boxwood wreaths from Balsam Hill and two $100 Etsy Gift Cards. They can use their prizes to decorate an area of their home and of another loved one’s home for spring in honor of moms all over the world.

Celebrate Mom, Celebrate Life: Balsam Hill awards two English Boxwood wreaths and two $100 Etsy Gift Cards to Suzanne B for the 2014 Mother's Day Giveaway

The most touching answer reminded us of how Mother’s Day goes beyond our own families, that we can bring joy and honor to our own mothers by caring for other mothers who might not have family around.

Beyond the Family

And this answer came from Suzanne B who began by sharing the difficulty of celebrating Mother’s Day after losing her mom. The loss has led her to extend this heartwarming occasion beyond her own home:

“I will be honest it is going to be difficult. My mother recently passed away so I was having trouble how to approach it. My heart is not totally into celebrating anything and I know that does not do any one any good.

My family has plans not to focus on ourselves but we are going to help out at the Assisted Living Mother’s Day Dinner where we can help bring a nice time to other mothers who have no family around. It will be good for us all, children and grandchildren. We may have lost our mother, but so many other mothers are still here and in need. Helping others is what mom would have wanted anyway.”

Suzanne’s answer captures what we hold true: when we celebrate moms, we celebrate life. May we all have a Mother’s Day filled with warmth and love.

Thank you to all the participants of Balsam Hill’s 2014 Mother’s Day Giveaway! Continue to visit the Balsam Hill blog for ways to celebrate the family season after season.