On the Balsam Hill blog, we hope to provide our readers with inspirational decorating ideas the entire family will love.

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On the Balsam Hill blog, we hope to provide our readers with inspirational decorating ideas the entire family will love. Beautifully appoint your home for every holiday with our decorating tips and tricks.

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Balsam Hill’s 2 More Reasons to Smile for the Holidays

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Balsam Hill has had its fair share of mentions and “likes,” but it’s nothing compared to how much love we have been receiving from design and DIY bloggers this past holiday season. In fact, aside from the 10 reasons we presented before, we are very glad to add 2 more reasons why we are all still smiling at Balsam Hill.

A Collection of Traditions

Balsam Hill Snowflake Ornament Set

Create a winter showcase with Balsam Hill’s Snowflake Ornament Set.

Leslee of Her Happy Balance has been enjoying the beauty of our statuesque Blue Spruce tree for years. She and her family have made it a point to add to its ornaments every year, making it a holiday tradition that they look forward to each Christmas. This year, Leslee added Balsam Hill’s Snowflake Ornament Set to their collection. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“These clear glass, crystal flakes are the perfect touch of winter elegance to add to his decor. And because I liked the snowflakes so much, I’m thinking that one of our new traditions will be adding a new snowflake or winter hanging piece to his decorations collection each year.” Read This Entry

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How to Store Your Christmas Items Properly

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Balsam Hill Ornament Storage Boxes

Store your Christmas ornaments in stackable compartment boxes for easier storage and organization.

As the festivities gradually wind down, it’s time to focus on how to store your Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations. In a previous post, we presented a variety of décor and Christmas tree storage options from which you can choose. This post focuses more on the proper storage of your Christmas décor items, in order for them to look good as new next holiday season. Read This Entry

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Thinking about Storage: The Different Types of Storage Bags

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Balsam Hill’s Rolling Multipurpose Greenery Bag

Store your foliage décor properly to retain its shape and beauty.

Christmas is one of the most memorable occasions of the year. Taking down your Christmas ornaments and other decorations as the celebrations wind down is almost melancholic. However, knowing that your décor is safe and stored properly for next year’s festivities is a comforting thought. This thought might even help you get through the post-holiday blues.

In this post, we will show you a variety of storage options for your treasured décor, and why you should consider investing in one or several of them. Read This Entry

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Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Inspirations: The Revelstoke Fir

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Here at Balsam Hill, we take great pride in crafting some of the most realistic artificial Christmas in the market. Our goal is to capture the beauty of real evergreens down to its minutest detail in order to provide homeowners with the best quality Christmas tree that would last them for years. We make sure that each Balsam Hill Christmas tree is unique and special to match any decorating theme.

Revelstoke National Park

The Picturesque Landscape of Revelstoke National Park, BC, Canada

In this edition of Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Inspirations, we feature one of our newest artificial Christmas tree creations: the Revelstoke Fir. Inspired by the captivating charm of Canada’s vast forests, our tree lets you bring the elegance of the north to your home. Read This Entry