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On the Balsam Hill blog, we hope to provide our readers with inspirational decorating ideas the entire family will love. Beautifully appoint your home for every holiday with our decorating tips and tricks.

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Mother’s Day Stories: Allison of A Glimpse Inside

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Allison of A Glimpse Inside

Allison is an army wife with a creative side. Currently residing in Colorado with her family, she loves to do crafts, paint, decorate, and take photos. She originally started A Glimpse Inside for her family and friends to keep up with her and her own family as they move about with the Army, but it has now turned into so much more. She writes about crafts, thrifty finds, re-dos, their house and their family’s life and adventures.

For Mother’s Day, we invited Allison to share stories about her mom, and her thoughts about being a mother herself.

On her mom:

Describe your mom in 3 words.

Supportive, loving, talented

Describe what your mom means to you in one sentence.

My mom is someone I can always count on no matter what is happening.

What’s your favorite activity to do with your mom?

We enjoy shopping for craft items together.

What are you most grateful to your mother for?

My mom has always been very supportive and there for me even when I wasn’t always that grateful for her.

What’s your favorite way to show your mom that you care?

I live pretty far away from my mom so it would probably be the simple act of just calling to talk.

Are there small things your mom does for you that lets you know she cares?

Since we live far away from each other, she likes to mail small gifts for me and my girls.

On being a mother:

What is your favorite part about being a mother? What is the most rewarding and most challenging aspect of it?

I enjoy watching my girls grow and learn new things. Plus, the snuggles and kisses are pretty great too! The most challenging aspect is the tantrums that are occurring right now with both of my children and trying to get them to understand certain things but with their ages it is different for them to complete comprehend.

Has motherhood changed how you decorate your home?

No actually. I still have everything out that I had out before children came along, including all the breakables. Now there are just some colorful toys thrown into the mix.

Has your mother influenced how you decorate and entertain in your home?

I don’t think she totally influenced me but I am sure the way she decorated has influenced some of my choices whether I know it or not.

What advice has your mother given you that you would also like to give to your children?

Enjoy your kids as much as you can when they are little and remember it is only a phase.

Is there an activity you do now that still reminds you of something you did with your mother as a child?

Nothing in particular that I can think of.

Do you have any springtime traditions you would like to pass on to your children and grandchildren?

Going together to the store to pick out flowers and planting them to give the outside some new life after the winter.

How do you and your family prepare your home for spring? Is there a specific piece of decor you put out that signifies spring has arrived?

I like to change up my décor with the seasons and even holidays. I don’t specifically have something I pull out to signify spring. I normally add more florals and bright colors to my décor.

What’s your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day celebration?

Just hanging out with my family. Doesn’t matter what we are doing whether having fun at home or just going out to eat, as long as we are together that is a great day!


See why Allison loved using Balsam Hill’s Phalaenopsis Snowball Arrangement, Tall Silver Leaf Candle Holders, and Luminara Flameless Candles as part of a beautiful Mother’s Day project on her blog.

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Mother’s Day Stories: Dawn of Homemaking Hacks

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Dawn of Homemaking Hacks

Dawn Lopez enjoys sharing ideas and inspirations to make life simpler on her blog Homemaking Hacks. Among easy to prepare recipes and easy to follow shortcuts, she draws readers in using her own creative authentic stories as wife and mom. Her goal is to paint a picture of how readers can re-create these ideas for themselves right at home and walk away with something valuable.

Read on as Dawn shares stories about her mother.

Describe your mom in 3 words.

Loving, Beautiful & Supportive.

Describe what your mom means to you in one sentence. 

My mom is my world, she’s the reason that I am who I am today.

What’s your favorite activity to do with your mom?

I love cooking and crafting with my mom.

What are you most grateful to your mother for?

I’m most grateful to my mother for all of the love, support and patience she’s had with me all of these years.

What’s your favorite way to show your mom that you care?

I love being able to lend an ear when she needs one and treat her to special gifts that show that I care whenever I can.

Are there small things your mom does for you that lets you know she cares?

Yes! My mom always goes out of her way to show me support. Even though we’re living states away right now, she always stays in touch. She is also one of the best gift givers ever!


See why Dawn loved using Balsam Hill’s Flameless Pillar Candles, Glitter Gold Ribbon and Enchanted Roses in Water Illusion as part of a stunning Mother’s Day project on her blog.

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9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mothers are first and foremost, women: all with distinct personalities and traits that set them apart from each other. The key to choosing a gift for your mom is to find one that she will like and that will honor her individuality. Let Balsam Hill help you pick something perfect for her with these thoughtful gift ideas.

For the Mom with the Green Thumb

Here are some interesting gift options for mothers who have an affinity and love for everything green and growing, indoors or out.

These Growbottle Hydroponic Planters are made from upcycled wine bottles and contain everything needed to grow herb plants without using soil. Mothers who love to cook will enjoy this little hydroponic garden as they will have year-round access to fresh herbs such as oregano, basil, mint, parsley, and chives.

Terrariums bring life to desks and tables with inspiring glimpses of nature. Instead of giving one that’s pre-made, present mom with a terrarium garden planting kit to inspire her to express her creativity and bring out her talent for growing plants. These kits provide all the essential materials for a homemade terrarium, including moss, soil, and activated charcoal.

For the Mom who is Health-Conscious

If your mother leads a fit and active lifestyle, give her something that she can use for her workouts. An aerobic mat is a good present on its own, but having it monogrammed makes it a more thoughtful gift. Plus, a personalized exercise mat is easier to keep track of in a crowded gym.

Moms always want a healthy diet for her family, and giving her a cookbook is a great way to support your mom’s desire for a health-conscious lifestyle. Create a one-of-a-kind recipe book by collecting all her nutritious recipes into one scrapbook. Fill the rest of the pages with recipes of healthier versions of her favorite desserts.

For the Mom who is a Natural Hostess

The outgoing mom deserves exceptional entertaining tools and serving pieces for her parties.

Laguiole Cheese Knives from Balsam Hill

Serve your favorite cheeses with Balsam Hill’s Laguiole Cheese Knife Set

The Laguiole Cheese Knife Set offers a stylish way to serve your favorite cheeses. It is composed of a serving knife, a cleaver for hard cheese, and a soft cheese spreader. These knives are handcrafted by French artisans and feature pure olive wood handles with a natural wood grain finish. It’s perfect for hosting elegant wine and cheese parties, or for everyday use.

Wine Barrel Cheese Tray from Balsam Hill

Add old world charm to parties with this Wine Barrel Cheese Tray

The Wine Barrel Cheese Tray is great for serving cheese, canapés, and appetizers when entertaining at home. Crafted from upcycled oak wine barrels from Napa Valley, this tray makes a beautiful centerpiece, lending an Old World touch to dinner parties and casual get-togethers. Its unique background and history also make it an interesting conversation piece with the guests.

For the Mom who is a Wine Enthusiast

Pineapple, Christmas Tree and Crown Jeweled Wine Stoppers

Preserve your opened bottles of wine with Balsam Hill’s Jeweled Wine Stopper

A Jeweled Wine Stopper from Balsam Hill is an ideal gift for moms who love to entertain or enjoy good wine. Available in three festive designs, they help preserve open bottles of wine for later enjoyment. These decorative stoppers are hand-painted and encrusted with Swarovski crystals, giving any home bar a splash of color and style to complement the season.

Antique Brass Wine Stopper Holder from Balsam Hill

Display wine stoppers in style with this Wine Stopper Holder

This Wine Stopper Holder from Balsam Hill is a lovely way to park and display wine stoppers. A hand-detailed enamel finish, along with black and antique brass details, adds elegance to this practical bar accessory, making it a beautiful decorative piece that can be out on exhibit at home throughout the year.

Leather Wine Carrier from Balsam Hill

Leather Wine Carrier from Balsam Hill

This stylish Leather Wine Carrier protects your mom’s favorite vintage bottles during transit to parties or picnics. Handmade from premium full-grain leather, the carrier has a vintage look and features a ribbon tie and aged brass finished buttons to keep its contents secure, which is a definite statement of Old World character.

Express your love and appreciation for mom the best way you can with a well-thought-out Mother’s day gift that celebrates the unique person that she is.

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Mother’s Day Stories: Linda of Itsy Bits and Pieces

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Linda of Itsy Bits and Pieces

Linda is a writer, photographer, and vintage dealer who loves to blog and create. She finds inspiration everywhere and shares her ideas through the creative blog, Itsy Bits And Pieces, where she talks about vintage finds, reuse projects, decorating ideas, home tours, and more. To inspire her readers, Linda features colorful photography and whimsical displays, driving her readers to always come back for more ideas on how to use vintage items in a modern way.

For Mother’s Day, we invited Linda to share her thoughts about her mother: Read This Entry