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How to Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Smell Real

Every year, more and more families choose artificial Christmas trees over live ones to celebrate the holidays. Artificial trees offer a lot of advantages, such as minimizing fire hazards and eliminating the need to sweep fallen leaves and needles.

Balsam Hill's Scentsicles

Balsam Hill’s Scentsicles

For our customers who love the smell of real trees, we list down several ways of infusing the familiar scent of live evergreens into your Balsam Hill Christmas tree.

Use Scented Sticks

Scented sticks or scentsicles are dual-purpose ornaments that accent your tree while bringing different fragrances into your home. To achieve a forest-like ambiance, opt for ones that smell like real balsam firs, spruce, and pine, and spread them out evenly in between the tree branches. Our Scented Ornaments blends beautifully with the foliage and includes a variety of scents infused with pure aromatic oils.

Balsam Hill's Scented Ornaments

Balsam Hill’s Scented Ornaments

Add Fresh Pinecones

Capture that invigorating evergreen scent by placing fresh pinecones in various areas of your home or by using them as ornaments on your tree, wreaths, and garlands. Our Holiday Scented Pinecones are made from natural pinecones infused with real fir oil to ensure long-lasting fragrance.

Holiday Scented Pinecones

Holiday Scented Pinecones

Use Diffusers and Scent Machines

Diffusers are ideal if you prefer a longer-lasting release of fragrance. Our Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine is portable, convenient to set up, and may be used all year-round. Pair it with our line of scented oil cartridges, which include nature-inspired fragrances such as Balsam Fir and Cedar Wood. With a simple flick of a switch, these scents sweeten the area around your tree to simulate the sought-after smell of live trees.

Our Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine, paired with our Scents of the Season Cartridges

Our Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine, paired with our Scents of the Season Cartridges

Light Candles or Incense

If you prefer a romantic, rustic feel, go the traditional route and light up candles or incense. Our Scented Italian Candles are available in two variants – a pine forest scent and a citrusy aroma of pomander. Place them on tabletops or mantels to double as décor this season.

Scented Holiday Candles

Scented Holiday Candles

Now you’re all set to welcome the festivities with the essence of evergreen forests and woodland wonder. With scented ornaments, essential oils, diffusers, and candles, your family will be able to enjoy the smell of live Christmas trees in your home.

Visit Balsam Hill for more ideas on how to spread Christmas cheer with a whiff of nature’s delight.

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