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Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas Giveaway

In yesterday’s post, we launched our Countdown to Christmas giveaway, where a gathering of talented bloggers will be sharing with us their thoughts on the meaning of the season.

Balsam Hill's Countdown to Christmas Giveaway

Countdown to Christmas Giveaway

As an added treat, Balsam Hill is also hosting a fun giveaway where you can get the chance to win a $100 gift card. You might be one of 25 lucky winners, so join now! Simply click on the contest image below and complete the actions.

Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas Contest

Stay tuned later today for Dagmar’s Advent calendar reveal, and visit us over the next few weeks for more updates on this special campaign.

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On the Balsam Hill blog, we hope to provide our readers with inspirational decorating ideas the entire family will love. Beautifully appoint your home for every holiday with our decorating tips and tricks.


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  • Camilla Seay Wilson

    The birth of Jesus and family.

  • Linda Gawthrop

    Nice to get an extra present this Christmas!

  • Angela W

    Christmas is the joy of giving to others.

  • Mare Schmitz Williams

    To me, Christmas is another special time of year to remember loved ones who you are lucky enough to still have with you, as well as celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  • Kathleen Ashton

    Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birth and spending time with family.

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  • Lynda C.

    Making special Swedish cookies with my kids!

  • Robin Powell Wilt

    Christmas is Peace and Joy in the Souls of us all!!

  • I think Christmas is all about our Savior, who selflessly came to give us the ultimate gift of all time.

  • Robyn

    Christmas is love for one another…….

  • Maureen

    The celebration of the birth of Jesus.

  • Alicia

    spending time with family <3

  • Jan Murp

    Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus! and being with family

  • lisa mcfarland

    Jesus’ birth and celebration

  • Bryan Back

    Christmas is a frame of mind for giving an spiritual pleasures.

  • Rebecca

    Christmas is about spending time with family…and eating lots of cookies! 🙂

  • Jenna

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try your products for a while and this would give me the perfect opportunity!

  • Christmas is bringing everyone together to share the love in many things. It’s not about gifts, although that’s a fun part of the celebration.

  • Cindy Ziliak

    We are starting a new tradition this year! I found a Christmas Light scavenger hunt online! We are taking out two granddaughters tonight!

  • Margy R

    Christmas is spending time with dear friends and family and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

  • Joann F

    It is spending time with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus,

  • Luanne Lawler

    The joy of seeing my families smiling faces.

  • Meadow

    Christmas means everything to me – a time for people to take a pause in their lives to gather together and celebrate a very special time of year.

  • Patrick Jones

    spending time with family/

  • Lisa Balmoos-Stover

    Christmas is so many things. I have great memories of Christmas time from my childhood. It is a time for family and friends. A time to be thankful for all of your blessings.

  • Allison

    Christmas is extra time with family

  • Connie

    Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birth; enjoying family and friends; and eating LOTS of good food and treats!!!

  • jennpoop

    spending time with family

  • Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, and sharing love and good times with family, friends, and those in need…

  • tammy S

    Christmas is a special time too share with friends & family. Yet spread joy to others in need. It is not all about the gifts being together sharing time.

  • Sharon Haas

    I love to unpack my holiday decorations each year. It’s like opening a magic box of memories.

  • Carol Roberts clark

    christmas is love to spread joy happiness love

  • Kate Harms

    Love the Countdown to Christmas Calendar

  • trichie

    The family all being togeter

  • Heather Hollands

    Celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with family.

  • CleverGayle

    Christmas is family!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Hmm, Christmas is both wonderful & stressful, lol. I think you have to let go of the things that make it stressful, accept it will not be one of those TV Perfect Christmases, & just let it be fun.

  • Emily McCollough Lindsey

    Christmas is celebrating Jesus and being with family!

  • susitravl

    Christmas is all about Christ and his birth and spending time with family.

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  • Sian

    Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and spending special time with family.

  • cezovski

    Christmas is spending time with family and stopping to remember what the real meaning of Christmas is!

  • Jane Sandona

    cozy familytime

  • Sheri Newell Anderson

    Christmas means Jesus came to the Earth to save us from our sins, hallelujah!

  • LK Loyd

    Excellent blog about the holidays.

  • Shannon

    Family time!

  • Elaine Powell

    Family and friends sharing food and fellowship.

  • Angela Koga

    Christmas will be white this year!

  • Shari

    Christmas to me is that time of year where everyone has joy in their hearts & for just a period of time the world is a much nicer place!

  • chanceuse

    Time with the family and to bring joy to the people around you