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Winter Decorating Ideas: How to Use Cozy Fabrics to Warm Up Your Home

Changing fabrics is a simple and effective way to create a cozy retreat for the cold months. Designed to keep you warm and comfy, winter fabrics come in a variety of textures and colors that also add visual warmth to your interiors.

As temperature drops outside, bring some warmth back into your home with the use of winter fabrics.

  • Flannel had been traditionally used as an outerwear to protect farmers from the harsh elements. However through time, the fabric has also become a wonderful addition for winter bedding. Modern flannel sheets combine heavy wool with cotton to provide warmth while being light enough to keep you comfortable during your sleep. But not only does it keep you warm, it also adds a touch of country living and a hint of yesteryears to your home.
  • Wool is the quintessential winter fabric because it has a classic, rustic appearance and a thick, cozy feel. No longer just for men’s suits, wool as a natural insulator in home décor adds warmth to the look and feel of a room. Wool beddings today aren’t as itchy and scratchy as they used to be. Wool can also be made into throws, pillows, and even rugs that bring warmth both in visual appeal and practical use.
  • Velvet is traditionally a plain weave fabric with a cut pile, most often used in the home as curtain panels and comfy upholstery fabric. Synthetic fibers are often responsible for its soft, lustrous hand, but velvet can also be made from natural fabrics such as silk, linen, and cotton.
  • Faux fur are pile fabrics engineered to have the appearance and warmth of animal furs. Today, these synthetic versions are manufactured to be softer than their scratchy predecessors, and require easier care than natural fur. Most high-end designs are also nearly indistinguishable from some of the animal fur they imitate.
  • Knitted fabrics are a time-honored classic in winter home decorating because they can instantly add warmth and soften the look of any room. Their subtle patterns offer a great opportunity for layering, and work well with a range of existing decorative styles. The larger patterns that are popular this year trap air and keep you well insulated.

Easy Transitions to Cozy Rooms Using Winter Fabrics


Dress up beds in some warm and cozy flannel sheets. Here, there are two plaid flannel comforters in addition to sheets. The plaid design, a trendy pattern for winter wear, makes the textile even more appropriate for winter decorating, lending a cabin-type feel to your home. Try transitioning your bedding to match the seasons and give a different feel and look to the room. These same iron beds would look unique with cotton white quilted throws and floral print throw pillows or shams for the look of summer.

Throw faux fur blankets over the end of a bed for an instantly warmer feel. You can also do this if you want to create a high-end glamorous look.

Pillows and Throws

Draping a wool or quilted velvet throw over a couch or chair is among the easiest ways to make your home feel warmer and more comfortable during winter. A throw is also especially useful when you want to curl up with a book or a mug of hot chocolate, so keep them close by in a basket or gently folded on your sofa.

Add pillows with fun patterns and bright colors to make your bed or sofa feel and look warmer. Wool pillows are soft and cozy, just as long as you choose a type of wool fabric that is not scratchy. Wool absorbs dye in a unique way, making its color look one-of-a-kind on its texture. Whether it comes in a vibrant or neutral color, wool states cozy.

To invite curling up on a sofa, use a combination of flannel, plaid, and wool pillows. The knitted throw in cream lightens up the rustic room.  The more traditional sofa lends itself to a more formal look, but is balanced by the wildlife-inspired artwork of the accent pillow. The combination imparts a richness and texture to the room.


Use a small rug to comfort your feet as you step out of your warm bed and onto a cold bedroom floor. This soft and fuzzy sheepskin rug is a luxurious underfoot treat in the morning, making it easier to cozy up in the living room.

Substantive Changes to Cozy a Room


Although drapery is a significant investment, it can add elegance like no other furnishing. Wool, or a wool combination fabric, folds into beautiful creases. Velvet and wool curtains drawn tight help keep rooms warm at night. But plan for the open draperies to stack off the window and let in the maximum amount of light during the day.


Choose furniture in velvet upholstery to evoke a cozy atmosphere. The soft, luxurious touch of this fabric is synonymous to comfort, plus it is versatile enough to work well in elegant and casual settings.

Larger Area Rugs

Provide better insulation by using larger area rugs. Not only are larger rugs great for their functional aspect, they also come with patterns that are perfect for transitional and modern rooms. Area rugs are a great way to keep any room warmer in winter, especially if you have tile or wood floors.

Spreading out rugs in dynamic patterns is also great for adding texture, dimension, and rustic elegance.

Winter fabrics evoke feelings of warmth and coziness, beckoning you to enjoy a slower pace and take time to snuggle. With these winter decorating ideas, you can make your home feel a lot more comfortable amid the cold.

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