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Holiday Organizing 101: Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas in Your Own Craft Station

There may be hundreds of ways to dispose or recycle gift wrappers, but only a few tricks to store them – and all that depends on one’s creativity! Here are eight amazing ideas from Pinterest, Houzz, and the blogosphere on how you can organize your leftover gift wrap from the last holiday season right in your very own craft station.

Extension Rods

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Install tension rods between two walls. Here you can hang rolls of gift wrap. Aside from keeping your wrapping paper organized, this storage technique is also a great way to add color to your craft station.

Storage Bins

Buckets and hampers are multipurpose containers. Use these all-around storage bins to keep rolls of gift wrap upright.

Repurposed Crates

Use your knack for recycling to create a lovely gift wrap carrier. Paint a tall storage crate in a shade that matches your room. Stockpiling gift wrappers in it will give the room a vibrant and colorful boost.

Clothes Hangers and Wire Shelving

If you prefer to have paper folded, hang them from clothes hangers to maintain their quality for a long period. You can use a skirt hanger if you only have short pieces left. Clip them onto the hanger to keep them from getting crumpled. This way, they will look new even after months of storage.

A wire closet shelving is perfect for organizing not only gift wrap but also paper bags.

Wine Racks

A wine rack is a regular household item that you can repurpose as a gift wrap holder. Place the rack in a corner of your craft station to make your work space look festive throughout the year.

Closet Ceiling

If you want to avoid clutter, keep gift wrap hidden by storing them in your closet ceiling. Attach a set of wires across two opposite walls to secure the rolls of paper.

Under the Bed

There are a number of containers that you can stow away under the bed. Not only do they keep the gift wrap looking new, they also provide ample space for other craft items, such as ribbons, cards, tapes, and scissors.

Under the bed organizer
Photo from The Organized Mom

Save money and space by organizing unused gift wrap. With a little creativity, you can have a wonderful craft station that unravels radiant colors much like a Christmas present!

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