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VIDEO: Lia Griffith Decorates with Balsam Hill

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Be inspired by the holiday decorating ideas of some of the best home décor and lifestyle bloggers. Learn how they are giving a personal touch to decorating their favorite Balsam Hill Christmas items through their unique video tutorials.

Lia Griffith

Lia Griffith is a designer who lives a handcrafted life. With an impressive background in photography and graphic design, it was quite natural for Lia to let her artistic skills take centerstage in her DIY projects.

She has even expanded her sophisticated touch into interiors and party styling, creating a distinct sensibility that fuses the principles of practicality with the elegance of fashion.

After years of exploring the various fields of design, Lia decided to found her own media company to help promote the beauty of paper crafts. Her signature Papier Couture showcases her stylistic talents in envisioning high-fashion gowns made of paper. She won the Scotch Brands Most Gifted Wrapper in December 2012.

These days, Lia produces tutorials and other materials for downloading as well as her inspiration with fellow practical designers through her blog

Lia’s latest video A Handicraft Holiday features her with her family, decorating their favorite Balsam Hill Christmas tree for the yuletide season. Watch how Lia livens up their Christmas celebration using unique handcrafted holiday décor made of paper.

A Handicraft Holiday

Tune into the Balsam Hill blog for more holiday design inspiration from your favorite bloggers! You can also visit our YouTube channel for other videos from Balsam Hill.

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