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VIDEO: Casey Leigh of The Wiegands Decorates with Balsam Hill

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Be inspired by the holiday decorating ideas of some of the best home décor and lifestyle bloggers. Learn how they are giving a personal touch to decorating their favorite Balsam Hill Christmas items through their unique video tutorials.

Casey Leigh Wiegand decorates with Balsam Hill

For celebrity blogger Casey Leigh of The Wiegands, faith and art always go hand in hand. Her unique spiritual perspective reflects her design concepts. And even as she juggles between her creative ventures and being a hands-on mom to her adorable children, she still finds ways to turn every project into a colorful celebration of life.

In her latest design project, Casey Leigh shares her signature Christmas tree decorating ideas. With a little bit of help from her lovely family, Casey Leigh was able transform their Balsam Hill Nantucket Blue Spruce Christmas tree into a beautiful holiday masterpiece filled cherished mementos. Watch the Wiegands’ heartwarming take on yuletide decorating by typing in the password: tree in the box below!

Tune into the Balsam Hill blog for more holiday design inspiration from your favorite bloggers! You can also visit our YouTube channel for other videos from Balsam Hill.

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