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Autumn Colors: The Intense and Vibrant Shades of Orange

Nothing captures the drama and beauty of autumn more than the color orange. This hue perfectly encapsulates the gorgeous landscapes and the expectant mood that people associate with fall. Bring the appeal of this season into your home with these marvelous design ideas featuring the lovely shade of orange:

the wonderful and bright hue of orange that comes with fall
Photo by Carelinamia via flickr. CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0

Orange as a Statement

a tradition and modern living room featuring orange sofas and brown fixtures

This modern space is filled with a warm atmosphere. The energy of the orange sofas is complemented by the green-toned rug and accent coat of paint on the ceiling. A divider wall composed of twigs hints of the outdoors and echoes the deep brown tones of the wide dark walnut planks of the floor. The wall defines the seating area and provides contrast with its height, delicate appearance, and organic features. It is the excellent backdrop for the bright streamlined sofa. The brown accents, coffee table, and fireplace are also judiciously spaced to ground the bright colors. For an added effect, hanging a garden-themed artwork reflects the bounty of the growing season and exudes an earthy appeal that keeps the contemporary features and furniture in check.

Orange as Defining Space

a clean white dining space with a touch of orange

Orange delights this dining space as it defines the boundaries of the room while the crisp white trim highlights the details in the carved wood and the lovely expanse of the four casement windows. The rug, with its robin egg tones, and the tablecloth provides a calm atmosphere to the area, making it an ideal space for dinner. What’s particularly wonderful with this scheme is that it captures the pleasant marriage between traditional and modern themes, a trait that elevates homes to stylish new heights.

Radiant Orange Cabinetry

orange and white kitchen counters paired with clear stools

This example of an island and upper accent cabinetry is a sight to behold. This might seem rather extravagant but it is essential to the beauty and harmony of this modern space. Matching an orange tone with white, gray, or chrome creates a spirited theme that still echoes the magnificence of fall. Glass and aluminum also wonderfully complement the overall effect of the space, making the room look lighter and more airy.

Orange Accents for Your Home

a modern brown kitchen with captivating orange placemats

Bright orange also superbly complements dark and other wood tones. Place mats or an artwork contributes life to the otherwise neutral space. On the espresso-finished wooden table, the orange place mats and artwork draw attention to the dining area, making an invisible division between the eating space and the kitchen counter.

a clean room with bright orange throw pillows

Orange throw pillows also make excellent accent pieces to quaint nooks in your kitchen. The hints of color provide the dreary and cold-looking room with a new personality, making it more interesting.

Gorgeous Fall Wreaths

a bucolic wreath featuring pine cones, twigs and pumpkins

Bringing in the harvest of the season is also a marvelous idea. The best and quickest method to achieving that is by hanging a bountiful fall wreath. An autumn wreath featuring rustic leaves, twigs, pumpkins, berries, and spices fills homes with the unique pleasantry of the season.

Balsam Hill's Regency Gate Wreath

Our Balsam Hill Regency Gate wreath is also a brilliant choice for the homeowner looking for subtle elegance. This decorated wreath displays pine cones, apples, berries, and lush leaves, which convey the remarkable charm of this time of the year.

Fill your home with autumn’s unmistakable and splendid beauty with these colorful design ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

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