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Autumn Colors: The Warm Shades of Red

One of the remarkable colors found in the autumn landscape is the poignant shade of red. Deep, evocative, and imbued with the warmth of the summer, this hue represents the last breath of vibrant beauty that spreads throughout the country before the cold months of winter settle in.

crisp autumn leaves with a red shade

Inspire life into your home with the moving tone of the autumn season with these design ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

Poignant Red to Set the Mood

a bold red door

Red is one of the most powerful colors around; its presence is enough to set the tone for a home. A red door stands out and instantly captures attention. On top of that, it also emboldens your entryway with a captivating appeal that guests will find quite difficult to ignore.

red as accent hues in your relaxing sitting room
Photo 1 and 2 from Houzz

Crimson is a powerful shade of color. Using it too much in a single space can overpower your other items and even ruin your design plan. The key to making this hue work is to use it judiciously. This is especially true for living rooms and sitting rooms. In both rooms, we see red presented in saturated forms. One shows a red sofa, while the other presents the hue as an accent on the wall. While both rooms have equitable solid neutrals, such as cream and beige, that accentuate the red, the patterned fabrics successfully disperse the cherry hue to bring harmony and balance to the room.

On top of that, the draperies and pillows feature strong prints that provide an interesting traditional dimension to the room. The printed upholstered chairs add a garden room feel to the space that is simply refreshing.

Red brings life and energy to these two spaces with the color’s crisp character. Using neutrals prevents red from overpowering other fixtures, yet it also adds power and warmth, and enriches your home.

Captivating Red as Accent

a red cabinet in a stately traditional office space

Red accents are also a marvelous way to add a unique aspect to your room. A bright red chest brings style and zest. It can turn a simple and traditional space into a transitional room brimming with character. At the same time, it also provides a striking contrast with the taupe walls and rug.

Combined Red 2

Photo 1 and 2 from Houzz

Red can be risky as window treatments. And window treatments are an investment! In the image above, we see how the color can be a bold statement in one room and act as a spark or a catalyst in the other. The solid draperies with its hobbled shade counterpart simulate a garden or a sun room dining area. The curtains add height while the shade adds drama and a relaxing atmosphere to the space. Homeowners will enjoy unwinding and relaxing in this room after a stressful day at the office.

For the kitchen, the print roman shades go perfectly well with the red in the island and in the small hints of glass in the cabinets. The dense pattern in the shade is a wonderful contrast to the widespread pattern on the tile floor. Each marvelously acts as a sort of bookend to the solid cabinets, creating a theme that’s simply charismatic.

a red carpet and red armchairs in a rustic cabin space

Rugs also make excellent accent pieces for rustic spaces. The red rug invigorates the mood of this stained-log home and softens the hard surfaces and rustic features in a jovial but subtle manner. At the same time, it also adds soothing warmth to the already cozy atmosphere of the area.

red accessories for your home 
Photo from Pinterest

Although red is a very energetic color – and people might have some hesitations in using it – it’s important to remember that it is a very versatile shade. There are many choices available in the market and they can make a stunning impression in your home. Be bold and take risks. Use red accents for different times of the year and switch out once a new season begins. This is a superb decision that décor enthusiasts won’t regret.

Give your home one of the finest and most beloved colors of the autumn season using these stylish ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

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Photo by Amin Nasr va flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0.

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