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Autumn Colors: The Timeless Shades of Brown

The classic tones of brown look even more gorgeous during the fall season. Juxtaposed with the myriad of deep colors that envelop nature during this period, the beauty of this pigment is made more apparent, highlighting the irresistible qualities of this hue. Bring the beauty of brown into your precious home with these refined design ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

autumn dry leaves featuring the color brown
Photo by Horia Varlan via flickr. CC-BY-2.0

Using the Stately Shades of Brown in Your Rooms

a room with an armoire and different shades of brown

Brown is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to fill their home with traditional elegance. It has an inherent characteristic to appear warm during autumn and winter, and cool during spring and summer, as seen in the photo. In this cozy space, various tones of brown are beautifully fleshed out, showing the versatility of this noble color. The multiple tints and shades of the pigments are emphasized even more with the cream sofa and armoire.

dark brown fixtures and wall and white panelled walls

The pastoral hue works well with neutral shades, especially with white. The paneled walls create a stark contrast with the deep brown paint and the hardwood floors, creating an exciting mood in a space that’s ideal for lovely conversations with friends and family. This regal match is further echoed by the combination of wood and white upholstery in the dining room table.

an elegant sitting room and dining room using fixtures with dark wood stains

Brown plays a dominant and important role in the exciting world of home décor. Sometimes it even surprises the most seasoned designers and decorators. This indispensable shade is enough to create a sophisticated scheme. In the photo, the combined sitting and dining area is made lovelier by the trim, mouldings, furniture pieces, and the floor – all finished in dark brown tones.

a sophisticated office with a dark brown desk and a brown leather chair

In this magnificent office space, brown again wins all the votes as the dominant color. The beautifully grained wood-paneled walls bring richness and warmth to the room. The leather chair and intricately carved desk add to the effect that the walls provide. This area is standing proof that brown can stand alone.

Pairing the Captivating Shades of Brown with Different Hues

elegant brown desks and stylish royal blue curtains

People tend to assume that the color brown is a limiting option. That is a misconception. This classic shade goes perfectly well with lighter hues. In the photo, we see brown partnered with a muted soft blue. The pairing benefits each other and conveys stillness reminiscent of the calm and irresistible hues of the winter skyline. In this room, one can pause from everyday stress and simply be at ease.

brown fixtures and pink upholstery creates a chic display for your home
Photo 1 and 2 from Pinterest

Brown and pink surprisingly make a stylish and splendid combination. The subtle tones in each color bring a fresh and new character to the traditional and often safe shade. This scheme combines the femininity of pink and the masculinity of brown, creating a complex fashion ideal for girls’ rooms.

green seating fixtures and brown furniture pieces
Photo 1 and 2 from Pinterest

Brown takes on a vigorous new life when it’s marvelously paired with bright lively green. In the images, brown serves as the base hue of the room, while green is showcased using various pieces. Each green accent not only adds character to the room; it also establishes the style of the room. It even serves as a reminder of the brown trunks and green foliage of trees found in the great outdoors. The armchairs on the left create a transitional mood, while the couch and coffee table on the right make the space unmistakably modern.

a modern space with a white sofa and lamp and brown walls and coffeetable

Finally, we see how brown can stand alone amid the aesthetics of the modern era. In this room, the cream sofa highlights the brown textures of the wood-stained floor. At the same time, it also complements the textured faux painted accent wall and bold piped brown pillows on the sofa.

Imbue your room with the characteristics of the color brown using these spectacular ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

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