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Homes Inspired by Icons: Marilyn Monroe’s Unmatched Flair

After all these years, Marilyn Monroe remains one of the most influential personalities in Hollywood. She continues to be a muse for stylists and dressmakers, and her carefree yet sophisticated style has become a constant source of inspiration for home and interior decorators. You can bring the flair of Marilyn Monroe into your living spaces with these design ideas:

The Classy Marilyn Monroe
Photo by agirregabiria via flickr. CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0.

Marilyn’s Iconic White Dress from Some Like It Hot

A Clean and Elegant Bedroom

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of Marilyn Monroe is that remarkable scene from Billy Wilder’s 1959 film Some Like It Hot. They remember the lovely Marilyn standing over an air vent in Chicago, struggling to keep the hem of her elegant white dress down as air rises from the ground. This sequence can now be brought into your home with a few additions. A cozy white bed matched with marble floors can fill your home with Miss Monroe’s grace. Don’t forget to include some distinct accent pieces. Do this by adding a stylish mirror with a splash of color or several bedside tables with traditional lines arranged side by side.

A Minimalist Living Room

For a complex and harmonious look, try a monochromatic color scheme. In this photo, light cream walls with detailed wood molding surround cream-colored sofas and an area rug. Add accessories like lamps with cream drum shades or creamy white candles displayed on the mantel. The gentle luminescence accentuates the decor, exuding another level of sophistication through soft lighting. It contributes to a peaceful setting while illuminating the uniqueness of the fabrics, textures, and color palette of the room.

Marilyn’s Out on the Town Wardrobe

A Clean and Sophisticated Living Room

Marilyn was always a head-turner whenever she went to the city, not only because she was one of the world’s biggest stars, but because she looked radiant in her clothing choices. Give your high-rise apartment or office the same appeal with glossy walls and flooring. This change accentuates the view outside your windows. The high gloss creates a texture contrast to the sunlight being reflected on the surface, which provides a backdrop for the upholstered charcoal sofa with unique texture pillows. The sleek clean lines of the tables as well as the contemporary line of the desk and chair reveal a modern professional atmosphere.

Marilyn’s Unforgettable LIFE Magazine Photoshoot  

A Cozy Book Nook

Another colossal moment in Marilyn Monroe’s career is her cover feature in LIFE magazine. The photo spread provided the public a glimpse into her private world. She wasn’t dolled up. She was surrounded by her books, in her library, unadorned with the luxuries she was usually associated with. A cozy nook tucked away in a corner can capture the humble allure that the actress embodied. Make sure to include a plush seat cushion with patterned throw pillows.

If you need more space for storage in your home hideaway, add a traditional asymmetrical cabinet with narrow drawers. This perfectly complements your nook and adds a classic touch to your space.

Marilyn’s Exceptional Collaboration with Andy Warhol

A Funky and Chic Bedroom

When Marilyn became the subject of Andy Warhol’s portraits, the funky and flamboyant artworks secured Monroe’s place in history and displayed her enchanting personality. Placing reproductions of Warhol’s prints on your walls adds color to any room and infuses any space with a whimsical atmosphere. At the same time, accent pieces with interesting shapes and forms that mimic the lines of Warhol creations resonate with the ingenious mix of vibrant hues.

Bring Marilyn Monroe’s flair into your home with these design ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

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