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Bold and Beautiful Bay Windows

For homeowners who value both style and practicality, bay windows offer a smart way to upgrade living spaces. The angled design helps give depth to your view of the outdoors that traditional picture windows don’t offer.

Bay windows also provide your home with natural lighting and ventilation, while also adding an aesthetic appeal. In this edition of My Balsam Hill Home, we take a look at some ideas for highlighting this elegant and functional window design.

Bay Windows with a Panoramic View

Turn your bay windows into a canvas for your beautiful outdoor space. With their characteristic polygonal design, these windows present a broad field of vision not possible with a regular window. This feature allows you to have an excellent panoramic view of your environment.

Bay Windows with a Built-in Window Seat

Maximize additional footage in your home by turning your flat windows into bay windows. A window that opens up to a 45- to 90-degree angle can free up space enough for a comfortable window seat. The angles also add character to an otherwise bland room.

In this design, the bay is transformed into an intimate nook with the addition of a built-in window seat. The motorized shade provides light control and, when raised, allows for seating and leaning against the soft throw pillows. It creates a cozy feel to this space.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

If you prefer windows without hard edges, you can opt for bow windows instead. A variation of the classic bay window, bow windows make use of an arch design in place of the usual angled form. This adds a more continuous view of the space. This can be further accentuated by a round table and circular rug to provide radial balance.

Bay Windows as an Intimate Dining Space

Create an exceptional dining experience by turning your bay window into a cozy breakfast nook or a formal dining area. The wide angled windows let you incorporate the beauty of your garden or yard. This is an excellent idea especially if your sprawling landscape is not suited for al fresco dining due to the weather.

Bay Windows as Living Room Highlights

Bay windows are an excellent choice to complement homes with high ceilings. The added height of the windows paints an image of grandeur and spaciousness and also allows for more natural light to illuminate your space.

You can also use large bay windows to highlight artworks and other centerpieces in your home. These mahogany windows help turn the bay into a stylish display area for this fine sculpture.

Bay Windows with a Soft, Sophisticated Touch

Soften the sharp corners of bay windows by hanging light fabric drapes in subtle colors. This lovely design features elegantly long curtains that eliminate the look of rigidity of the angled windows. The color of the fabric also helps brighten the space, turning it into an ideal corner for reading or lounging.

Designed to incorporate the fresh and inspiring radiance of the sun, these bold and beautiful windows are the smart choice for the stylish and practical homeowner. Bay or bow windows not only show the outdoor environment surrounding your home, but also reveal the unique way indoor space is used. A dining room bay provides additional room for chair movement. Transoms on long or high bay windows give significantly more light and add extra floor space for a relaxing reading corner. All these features of bay and bow windows offer not only beauty but functionality as well.

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Dagmar Obert is a designer with over two decades of experience transforming homes into spaces that reflect comfort and elegance. Her sophisticated style emanates from her love of color, forms, and textures. From her choice of fabric to her selection of accent pieces, Dagmar pulls together the look of a room to deliver a statement of class. Surrounded by family and friends, Dagmar takes delight in turning her own home into a venue where wonderful occasions are made more memorable. Her how-to guides and inspiration articles on decorating and entertaining provide readers with unique ways to create the perfect setting for life’s cherished moments.

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