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A Touch of Zen in Outdoor Spaces

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The midsummer blend of cool breeze and bright blue skies signals the advent of August – a time to open up your home and take in elements of nature just as they are at their brightest. With life taking on a calmer pace mid-season, August is the time for homeowners to imbue their dwelling spaces with tranquility. And this is best seen in Zen-inspired designs.

More than just a trend, Zen transforms homes into a soothing, meditative environment. Join Balsam Hill as we explore three principles that infuse your home with a touch of Zen.

Zen and the Principle of Harmony

Designers draw inspiration from Zen as it embodies harmony. From the moment you walk into a Zen-inspired space, you will find elements that are unique on their own but, when taken together, create a unified look. You can incorporate a garden that features rigid and angular rock patterns, hardwood furnishings, and bold stone sculptures, with plush outdoor furniture, then drape the space with pristine white fabric. The result is a stunning symphony of rigid and soft details that convey a subdued yet stylish space.

Tropical Patio by Other Metro Architects & Designers sak designs


Zen and the Balance of Elements

The philosophy of Zen is all about the balance of elements. Translated into design, it is these elements of nature – wood, earth, fire, water, and metal – that are quintessential to every peaceful environment.  When planning your space, take one of these elements as your focus, then build the other elements around it. In this example of an outdoor dining space, the table and chairs provide visual weight, but the greenery as well as the rock detailing – from the stone sculpture to the sliced pebbles on the pathway – frame the space. The candles add a quaint final touch. All of these represent wood, earth, and fire. Other Zen-inspired outdoor spaces, meanwhile, take fountains, rocks, and fire bowls or fireplaces as their centerpiece.

Asian Patio by Aliso Viejo Photographers Andrew R. Abrecht Photography


Zen and the Art of Relaxation

A meditative space fosters enlightenment. And one need not look too far to find a relaxing sanctuary that would allow meditation. Even a corner in your patio can transform into a Zen-inspired retreat with a few elements. Incorporate pieces that inspire harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Match an outdoor bed or chaise with a bedside table where you can place your favorite reads for some midday relaxation. Remember to infuse the space with elements of nature, such as vibrant florals and greenery.

Contemporary Porch by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Barbara Cannizzaro


Create a sense of calm in your dwelling space with these Zen-inspired designs. Midsummer is the perfect time to infuse your home with the elements of nature as you achieve tranquility and enlightenment.

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