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My Balsam Hill Home: A Touch of Lace

For a time, lace was a popular decorative accent in traditional homes. Often seen in the form of tablecloths, doilies, and lamp shades, the intricate patterns and rich texture of the fabric have provided a comforting sight over the years. But modern design has paved the way for its comeback, with the focus now on the patterns instead of the fabric.

The secret to making lace more current is not to overdo it. In fact, just a bit of this graceful pattern makes your space more interesting. In the latest edition of My Balsam Hill Home, we feature six elegant ways to take advantage of the gorgeous texture and design of lace.

1. Wall Accents

You can add casual elegance to any room by slipping in bits of lacy details. Your home need not be covered in fabric. The simplest way to do this is with common home accessories such as wall clocks, mirrors, and art that feature floral patterns against solid colors. This contemporary clock matches the vintage lace pattern with the boldness of its wooden base.

Lace Face Wall Clock

Contemporary Lace Clocks

2. Wall Treatments

The last thing you want when updating with lace is to end up with an overdecorated room that looks like a giant doily! Incorporating lace onto walls can be challenging. The technique is to keep the colors subtle, or go for less contrast so as not to overwhelm your interiors. You can also add depth to the walls by painting stencils on them. Instead of covering an entire wall with the design, choose only a particular section to paint the stencils on.

Modern Wallpaper

Modern Wallpaper by Mill Valley Furniture and Accessories

3. Window Treatments

Impart a soft, elegant look with lace window accents. Dainty and chic, lace creates a dreamy image that feels light, breezy, and inviting. In this kitchen, the valance, along with the warm wood, gives an old country feel. Just one look through the window and you get a sense of nostalgia.

Traditional Wooden Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen by Huntington Kitchen & Bath Designers

Offering a contemporary touch, these decorative window films emulate the look of the soft lace curtains that adorn front windows in London. They provide privacy while allowing natural light to enter the room.

Modern Window Treatments

Modern Window Treatments by Other Metro Window Treatments

4. Furniture and Fixtures

Accenting with lace-designed furniture and fixtures can give handsome and edgy modern interiors a vintage feminine appeal. Take this luxurious clear acrylic chair embellished with Venetian lace. The angular form is softened by the floral patterns, allowing the piece to blend well in contemporary, transitional, or traditional homes.

Modern Chairs

Modern Chairs by Venice Furniture and Accessories Floral Art

Even with the lights turned off, this hanging lamp creates a vision of romance. Set in white, the lacy patterns with a Moroccan flair emanate a soft luminescence through the shade.

Lighting by Tampa Furniture and Accessories

5. Cushions and Linens

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of lace to your sofa and bed. Cushions and linens inspired by the trend come in many contemporary styles and colors, such as an updated silk damask, burned-out velvet, or laser-cut suede linen. Make sure to use solid colors as a counterpoint to the frilly detailing.

Decorative Throw Pillow Cases

Traditional Pillows by Other Metro Furniture and Accessories

6. Tableware and Accessories

If you’re not quite ready to lace your home with this chic trend, you can test the waters first with some lace-inspired tableware and accessories. Focus on the pattern rather than the actual fabric. A set of beautiful steel napkin rings with lace imprints give a hint of quirkiness to an otherwise formal tablescape.

Metal Napkin Rings

Traditional Napkin Rings

Dainty yet intricately designed, lace can give timeless charm to your home. But whether you’re using the fabric or just the pattern, keep in mind that a little bit of lace goes a long way.

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