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My Balsam Hill Home: 5 Marvelous Ways to Highlight Hardwood Floors

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Floors help to anchor the look of a room. Of the multitude of options available to homeowners, hardwood floors offer you timeless elegance like no other. With proper care, they may also increase the market value of your house. After examining the factors in choosing the perfect floor type, My Balsam Hill Home now gives you five elegant ways to let your beautiful hardwood floors take center stage:

1. White Oak Floors in Minimalist Spaces

Unstained white oak floors provide a clean ambiance in your indoor space because of their muted color palette. They do not compete for your attention, but simply help to ground the major pieces included in your decorative scheme. Pairing these wooden floors with minimalist home fixtures, such as simple table counters and austere light fixtures, lets your room shine with an exquisite glow, and even makes it look more spacious.

2. Unstained Oak Floors with Gray Furniture and Black Fixtures

Matching light oak with gray reconciles vintage charm with the strong panache of modern aesthetics. You can achieve this stunning effect by mixing these subtle hardwood floors with veneer cabinets.

Another way to make a statement is to pair these wooden floors with black home fittings. These black handrails are magnificent on their own, but with unstained floors, they make an interesting color contrast.

3. Wide Planks with White Counters and Cabinets

White counter tops and cream cabinets paired with large planks offer your home a breath of fresh air. Wider planks with subtle stains create a unique and natural pattern on the floor, which becomes more salient against the white fixtures. This contrast brightens up your space.

4. Chevron-Patterned Floors with Opulent Pieces

Elaborate decorative schemes with a variety of furniture can benefit from having Chevron-patterned floors. Using this exquisite combination brings an old world appeal, reminiscent of lavish early European homes. For a fuller effect, make sure to match the flooring with wooden furnishings.

5. Reclaimed Floors in Modern Homes

Contemporary spaces also benefit from the presence of reclaimed floors. Their overall appearance complements various shades of color and lends the room some warmth with the quaint patterns.                    

Bring classic elegance into your home with hardwood floor ideas from My Balsam Hill Home. Find out more about your design options from our article on How to Choose the Perfect Hardwood Floors.


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