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My Balsam Hill Home: Stylish Coffee Tables

Blending form and functionality, coffee tables are the perfect statement pieces in your living room. The style of your coffee table anchors the overall look of your room. Highlight your space with these design ideas from Balsam Hill’s selection of elegant coffee tables.

1. Coffee Tables with a Modern Edge

In a contemporary or transitional living room, a coffee table with rigid lines offers a beautiful counterpoint to a set of plush furniture. This contrast between softness and rigidity gives your living room an air of whimsy while maintaining that stately charm.

Take, for example, this clear glass coffee table. It unifies the look of a variety of living room furniture, such as the sofa, stool, and wingback chairs. The hard angles of the square glass table give structure to the space and anchor the shapes, colors, and patterns seen in different areas, from the ceiling to the floor. And because it’s glass, the coffee table allows these elements to shine through without the glass surface adding too much visual weight at the center of the living room.

A contemporary living room with a clear glass coffee table

Another coffee table with a modern edge offers this clean and lean design ideal for a minimalist setting. The use of wood as the tabletop, however, offers subtlety and warmth to balance the edginess of the black frame. The nook also allows you to place books in order to leave the top uncluttered.

Multilevel coffee tables add dimension and visual interest to your living room. They exhibit a striking outline made richer and more sophisticated with the use of solid wood.

2. Coffee Tables with Smooth Curves

Smooth, uneven curves give your living room some interesting asymmetry. This set of three coffee tables exhibits various free-flowing shapes and can be joined together like puzzle pieces. With these unique figures and the combination of pristine white tabletops and metal feet, the set imparts a truly modern feel.

A clear table with smooth lines and curves is always a great solution to decorating smaller spaces. Blending in with its surroundings, this coffee table made of a single piece of hot bending glass looks as if it’s barely there. Glass, Lucite, and acrylic are all good options for creating a more open space.

Coffee Table by Design4ll via Etsy

3. Coffee Tables with a Classic Charm

This classic coffee table exudes the signature style of Baker Furniture. The mahogany tabletop and brass feet lend traditional spaces a touch of boldness and elegance. The smooth oval shape also ensures a more proportional layout in your living room.

When placed in front of a sofa, the elongated table matches the length of the seat while delivering its own statement of class. The beauty of this piece is in its timelessness and versatility: being quintessentially modern and exuding traditional charm at the same time.

4. Vintage Coffee Tables with a Contemporary Spin

Wheeled in and repurposed, rustic wooden factory carts are gaining popularity as unique center tables. Some may look like they need a rest, but their quaint character only adds to their charm. The aged appearance of a dark wooden platform would work beautifully in traditional or country-styled homes.

Great as a conversation piece, vintage coffee tables also give that element of surprise and quirkiness while remaining functional and mobile. Put your eclectic style on a roll with an upscale and upcycled factory cart that reflects the color scheme of your living room and holds various decorative accents.

Coffee tables anchor the overall design of your living spaces. With the right piece, your home can exude the same elegance as Balsam Hill’s favorite finds. Tell us your style. Join our conversation on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Houzz.

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