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My Balsam Hill Home: Crafted by the Masters

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Throughout history, the visual arts have continuously mesmerized viewers with gallant techniques and imagery, all in an attempt to reinterpret the world. Through the same captivating use of color and the ingenious approach to form, homeowners can take inspiration from artworks in order to elevate the style of their living spaces. Courtesy of My Balsam Hill Home, here are several design ideas influenced by masterpieces:

Vincent Van Gogh’s Charming Watercolor Creations

Van Gogh’s masterpieces are easily among the most recognizable. Even a century after he first captured his visions on canvas, his inventive take on landscapes, unique brush strokes, and creative use of color continue to fascinate the world. You can bring the beauty of Van Gogh’s greatest work ‘Starry Night’ to your living room by adding throw pillows that depict the strikingly beautiful skies immortalized in the painting.

Gustav Klimt’s Impressive Use of Geometry and Color

Gustav Klimt’s precious works are often characterized by his bright use of color and the peculiar way he groups geometric shapes. A quirky combination of spherical light fixtures, square-patterned rugs, and brightly colored trinkets can achieve this gorgeous look and give your space an exceptional Klimt-esque appeal.

Mark Rothko’s Deep Shades

Mark Rothko’s abstract experiments are famous for their use of deep and bold colors charged with emotion. Hanging a reproduction of one of his paintings makes for a bold and stylish statement in your living room. For a more subtle approach that still utilizes Rothko’s strong use of dark shades, you can add one of these wonderful throw pillows that set your couch apart from everyone else’s.


Andy Warhol’s Bright and Quirky Prints

Classic art reproductions have become a staple in transitional homes. A timeless print of the iconic Andy Warhol’s pop art pieces is an exciting addition to minimalist spaces. Hanging one or two of these on your walls adds a splash of color to your space without overpowering its clean and modern sensibility.      

Jackson Pollock’s Eclectic Splatter Paint

Critics and enthusiasts have always been divided about Pollock’s brilliance, but there is no denying that his works are uniquely captivating. Use his arbitrary and stirring artworks as the inspiration for your curtains and ceiling, and breathe a distinctive and fun atmosphere into any dull space.

For the connoisseur who prefers something more tactile than an art print, brass monochromatic renderings of Pollock’s creations can make for interesting décor in your living room.

Infuse your home with the brilliance and style of the legends of the art world with these decorating ideas on the Balsam Hill blog. For more of our design favorites, visit Balsam Hill’s Facebook,  Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz profiles.

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