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4 Stylish Ways to Turn Your Hammock into a Haven

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The thought of lounging in a hammock gently rocked by the breeze may seem inviting, but the truth is, not all hammocks are created the same. Go for those that take comfort to the next level. Here on the Balsam Hill blog, we’re listing down our favorite styles of swings. Discover fresh ideas to turn your hammock into a relaxing haven.

1. The Pergola Daybed

Traditionally made to provide shade on terraces or walkways, a pergola is an appealing, functional accent to any landscape theme. In case you don’t have a pair of palm trees in your backyard, this garden structure offers the perfect spot for suspending a daybed.


To create the perfect backyard relaxation spot, hang a hammock in your pergola. Make sure the structure is strong enough to support the greatest potential load. Throw in a light mat and some comfy pillows and everyone will want to lie on it in the beautiful, warm sunshine.

Like a hammock swaying gently in the breeze, your pergola daybed will offer you a nice place for a bit of quiet reading. And with a small table, it converts into a romantic dining spot.

2. The Hanging Beanbag

Bean bags have come a long way! These plush sacs are no longer just your average cushion to use as floor seating. In fact, many new designs can be used as a hammock. As if swaying back and forth in a hammock is not relaxing enough, hanging bean bags have elevated the outdoor lounging experience. Anyone who’s had a beanie before knows that this cushion follows the shape of the one seated or lying down on it to provide extreme comfort. Look for beanbag hammocks made of durable fabric with reinforced metal eyelets in the corners. Some models can support up to 440 pounds!

Eclectic Patio by Jersey City Design-Build Firms Brunelleschi Construction


3. The Swinging Daybed

Who doesn’t fall in love with a dreamy swing bed? Swinging daybeds, much like beach hammocks, bring to mind relaxing vacations in tropical resorts – precisely why every person on this planet should have one at home.

Contemporary Porch by Blue Hill Architects & Designers Knight Associates


Now, if you prefer to swing yourself gently to sleep than to slumber in stillness, the hanging bed is also for you. This new twist on the porch swing lets you enjoy the warmer weather outdoors in comfort and style. But mind you, they’re not just for the porch: you can have your floating daybed in the veranda or any pretty spot in your home.


Tropical Patio by Portland Architects & Designers MCM Design


Of course, no bed is complete without a pillow. Place as many pillows as you need for napping or for infusing style. Choose vibrant, colorful pillows if you want to make your swing bed summer-perfect!


4. The Old Trampoline Swing

Tropical Patio by Vancouver General Contractors Sure Thing. Features The Floating Bed.


Revamp an old trampoline into a swing you can use for romantic afternoons or solitary naps. UK-based Atlantic Trampolines shows how to make a swinging bed using the trampoline frame ring, bounce mat, and springs. To make this nice old trampoline swing, cover the trampoline frame in soft padding and the whole trampoline mat with a sheet.  Using a strong rope, you will then suspend the frame from the ceiling.

To provide more support and prevent sagging in the middle, try passing the suspension ropes underneath the trampoline mat and up the opposite side rather than tying them to the frame.  Make sure both the suspension ropes and ceiling beams are strong enough to carry the greatest potential load.

Relax away those lazy summer days by lounging on a comfortable hammock. Other than a very good spa massage, nothing is probably more conducive to the soothing of the nerves than this! Enjoy!

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