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5 Smart Gadgets for Your Kitchen

Cooking is a fun but tiring process. It can take hours and a considerable amount of energy just to create a heart-warming meal for the family. Luckily, there are gadgets that can help home cooks and amateur chefs with their culinary creations.

Synchronizing your kitchen with these apps and gadgets yields a number of benefits. First, these handy helpers assist users in organizing their space and managing their tasks, such as preparing multiple dishes at the same time and keeping track when an ingredient is running low. Second, they provide users with new recipes. And finally, they help with the more mundane tasks, such as measuring or portioning. Balsam Hill recommends five smart gadgets that can elevate your kitchen experience to new heights:

1. The Perfect Portions Digital Scale

This sleek gadget is perfect for bakers and health buffs because it works as a weighing scale and a nutritional calculator. Versatile and accurate, the device comes with a database of more than a thousand kinds of dishes. Users can also enter recipes that are not in the system.  With just the touch of a few buttons, this handy appliance breaks down the dietary details of any plate of food, giving home cooks the option to adjust portioning sizes.

2. The Android Q Timer

The Q Timer is a neat little app that provides users the chance to time several things at once. This is perfect for home cooks who are preparing a large meal for a special occasion, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Another great feature of this Android app is that it stores the cooking time for your favorite dishes. For example, if you regularly bake your apple pie for 55 minutes inside the oven, you can save the time in the app and just turn it on in the future. Finally, this app also saves the history of the dishes you have previously timed. Users don’t need to rely on multiple egg timers anymore.

3. The iPad and the Cellulon Magic Cube

We already know that having an iPad is a great way to do business and manage daily tasks, but people might not realize it’s also a great help in the kitchen. A tablet can store thousands of recipes accessible any time. With the help of free and paid applications, it can also be a good source of new dishes to try out at home. There are even instructional videos available online, which makes cooking a breeze. And this is just the beginning. With the iPad, homemakers can schedule meals, organize ingredients, pin reminders, and even shop for groceries online. It’s one of the best kitchen assistants anyone can imagine.

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The Cellulon Magic Cube works together with an iPad or any Android gadget. This small device projects a keyboard right on the surface of where it’s placed and automatically connects to a tablet. This wonderful object can turn kitchen counters into a gizmo straight out of a science-fiction movie. Without having to leave the room, home cooks can surf the internet, search for new recipes, make notes on the dishes they’re making, and even do some light office work. This hologram keyboard also prevents your tablet device from getting smudgy as you’re working in the kitchen.

4. The Internet Refrigerator

By scanning the bar code on your grocery items, the smart fridge can keep track of the items being stored in it. This way, the appliance can notify you when stock is low; it can also be programmed to make an online purchase of items. Another benefit is that it can monitor the expiration date of food, thereby preventing spoiling and wastage.

The smart fridge can also suggest recipes by determining which dishes can be made from its inventory of ingredients.

5. The Herb Keeper

Home cooks will no longer have to worry about wilted vegetables and crushed herbs. With this nifty tool, you can store your fresh ingredients for weeks without having to throw them away. The herb keeper can also be conveniently stored in your refrigerator and it will not take up too much space.


Turn your kitchen into a fun and stress-free space by adding these modern smart gadgets available today.

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