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4 Exciting Flavors of Sorbet

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While summer may be the best time to have fun under the sun, the scorching heat of the season can also easily spoil your happy plans. Whether you’re playing sports outdoors or trying to relax indoors, the extreme temperatures can sap your energy in an instant. Take a break and cool down with Balsam Hill’s picks for four must-try summer sorbets. These exquisite frozen cocktails are sure to make your season more enjoyable.

1. Summer Vodka Sorbet

You can always count on tropical fruits to make summer zestier! Infused with the robust flavor of vodka, the refreshing blend of passion fruit or mangosteen and berries counteracts the scorching heat of the season. You can also try it with blood oranges. These new and exciting fruit sorbet flavors provide an extraordinary treat at cocktail parties.

Balsam Hill Summer Sorbet
Photo from The Little Squirrel via flickr. CC BY 2.0

2. Apple and Calvados Sorbet

An exceptional and flavorful apple brandy from Normandy, the Calvados makes a delectable cocktail sorbet. The sweetness of this spirit mixes well with the zesty quality of the lemon extract, creating a light and palate-cleansing dessert. Pair it with other regional specialties from Normandy and Brittany for a satisfying and savory fare.

Balsam Hill Calvados Sorbet
Photo from stu_spivack via flickr. CC BY 2.0

3. Champagne Sorbet

Treat your palate to this thirst-quenching champagne sorbet. This recipe raises the quality of the dessert by infusing the crisp, dry bubbly wine with lemon juice, which complements the wine with its rich and tangy flavor. Add some freshly picked strawberries for a heavenly treat.

Balsam Hill Champagne Sorbet
Photo from Edsel L via flickr. CC BY 2.0

4. Cactus Sorbet

For a fancier and more exotic sorbet, you can try out this piquant Figue de Barbarie or cactus pear recipe. Native to North African regions, the colorful and succulent fruit of this cactus contains a citrusy flavor like no other. Combined with agave tequila, it creates a surprising cocktail dessert perfect for warm climates.

Balsam Hill Cactus Pear Sorbet
Photo from phandcp via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Beat the summer heat and try out these fun and exciting summer sorbet flavors.

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