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Summer Style Guide: Stylish Swimming Pools

Swimming pools were once created by the ancient Romans and Greeks primarily for their athletic and military training. Today, pools serve a more leisurely purpose: you can relax in this haven after a long day. But beyond such functions, they have also become an important design element and focal point in modern abodes. Make the most out of your pool with design ideas that range from the rustic to the futuristic.

Natural Wonders: River Pools and Boulders

Taking inspiration from the rugged outdoors, the river pool mimics the free form and flow of this body of water. The name suggests a naturally elongated design, but with a few architectural innovations, this type of pool can take on a slightly more modern approach.

Swimming Pools And Spas by Penryn Pools and Spas Jim Chandler Pools

The river pool from Jim Chandler Pools features a vanishing edge, also known as a negative or infinity edge, which, when surrounded by trees and greenery, heightens that feeling of oneness with nature. But the vanishing edge design also gives the pool that sleek glass-like visage. The pool’s surface mirrors the beauty of the skies, whether during a picturesque sunset or delightful sunrise.

Rock and granite boulders around the pool offer a great opportunity for you to add waterfalls. These rocks hovering and towering over the edge create a bold contrast to the gently cascading water.

Swimming Pools And Spas by Penryn Pools and Spas Jim Chandler Pools

Expanding the Horizon: Infinity Pools

The infinity edge pool was one of the hottest trends to hit luxury hotels and resorts in the early 2000s. But this type of pool continues to be a fixture in modern abodes.

Showcasing breathtaking vista, the infinity edge pool creates an optical illusion: the water seems to vanish beyond the horizon, where it blends with the sky or the seascape.

Safety is critical with this type of pool since it is often built in beach front and mountainous locations. It is thus important to lay down a good foundation.

Mediterranean Pool by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.

A Glimpse of the Future: Glow-in-the-Dark Pools

For the homeowner who loves a more futuristic vibe, a pool that glows in the dark is eye-catching as well as practical. This swimming pool by Foreverpools is made of durable fluorescent glass tiles infused with a material that emanates light for up to seven hours at night. The fluorescent material absorbs light from the sun during the day and emits back this energy after sundown. The fluorescent glass tile pool is also made of 100% recycled glass, an earth-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious.

Contemporary Swimming Pools And Spas by Miami Pools and Spas Foreverpools

With these unique pool designs, you can create your ultimate paradise at home. A stylish swimming pool redefines that deluxe summer holiday experience.

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  • These are some really neat pools, especially the glow in the dark one! I don’t think you can have pools set next to carpet, though, that wouldn’t go very well. What would work is the high quality laminate flooring Miami has!