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4 Summer Veggie Dishes that Sizzle

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Throwing a party in the summer requires a menu with a wide range of flavors: from sweet fruity refreshments – much like the summer cocktails I featured at the start of the month – to tangy and spicy sizzlers. The season’s bounty becomes all the more flavorful when dishes are served hot off the grill. And if you’re tired of the usual grilled meat, you can follow these divine vegetarian grilling recipes that capture the taste of summer.

Wild Rice with Grilled Tofu, Red Pepper, Kale and Broccoli

This mix of wild rice, tofu and veggies surprises the palate with its complex flavors and textures. Since tofu is versatile, it serves as a blank canvas when you’re layering flavors on top of each other. Even as it is grilled, the tofu in this dish tempers the pungent smokiness of the red pepper, kale and broccoli as well as the earthiness of the wild rice. In addition to its burst of flavors, this vegan dish features a contrast between the silky texture of the tofu and the grainy feel of the rice.

Balsam Hill Wild Rice and Grilled Tofu and Veggies
By Lablascovegmenu / flickr

Spicy Honey Ginger Tofu

If you want to take your tofu dish up a notch, marinade these blocks of silk in soy sauce blended with honey and diced ginger. Just before grilling, add in chili flakes for that extra heat. Skewer the tofu with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and bell peppers then drizzle with sesame oil. This dish offers an exciting fusion of traditional Asian flavors because of the oil, soy sauce, and ginger. Tofu is just perfect for dishes with a bold taste.

Vegetarian Pizza

While the most popular vegetarian pizza dishes are often baked in stone or gas ovens, our favorite is grilled over charcoal or wood. Grilling gives pizza an appetizing aroma. Cover it to lock in the smoke, which the whole pizza then absorbs. You don’t need to worry about the dough or pizza toppings drooping into the grates. You can fix up a nice layer about an inch thick and grill it before adding the toppings. This ensures a steady base. The edges eventually acquire that nice charred look while the mozzarella and veggies meld together in smoky goodness.

Balsam Hill Grilled Vegetarian Pizza
By dogulove / flickr

Veggie Burrito with Creamy Polenta

Your favorite burrito is just as mouthwatering with grilled vegetables as it is with grilled chicken or beef. Season your bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and sundried tomatoes with a simple mix of garlic powder, chili powder, and cumin to allow this Mexican classic to retain its rich flavors. Wrap it up in whole wheat tortilla and serve with a steaming hot creamy polenta. If you prefer everything on your plate to have a smoky flavor, you can also grill your polenta and pair it with a heap of the spicy veggies. Like tofu, the polenta serves as a backdrop to the other more aromatic components of this dish.

Balsam Hill Grilled Veggie Burrito
By diettogo1 / flickr

The important thing about cooking up vegetarian dishes is to highlight their natural flavors. Grilling allows their oils and extracts to come out, while letting them absorb the aroma. This makes your healthy alternative to grilled meat all the more.

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