Celebrate with Balsam Hill: Beach Weddings
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Celebrate with Balsam Hill: Beach Weddings

The world is glistening in the summer sunshine – and just as radiant are happy couples getting ready for their summer wedding. Those who love the sand, surf, and sea can look forward to a vibrant beach wedding that is sure to be unforgettable. Celebrate in style as Balsam Hill lists down the essentials of an elegant wedding at the beach.

Celebrate with Balsam Hill: Beach Weddings
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The Destination

People are more open to traveling in the summer, with the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day registering the highest number of domestic and international trips. And with visits to the beach becoming the fifth most popular leisure activity for Americans, it is no wonder then that people would want to make it their top choice for a wedding venue.

Holding one at a luxury destination magnifies the specialness of the occasion. Balsam Hill recommends the lush island of Maui to couples who want the convenience of domestic travel while enjoying the exotic flair of Hawaii.

For a classic European adventure on the side, the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy offers not only a panoramic view of this quaint eponymous town nestled between the mountains and the sea, but also an exciting culture pulsating with life. Savor Amalfi’s limoncello, visit the town’s terraced gardens and historic cathedral, and marvel at the handcrafted ceramics made by the locals. Your beach wedding becomes an enriching cultural experience altogether.

The Attire

There is a misconception that beach weddings limit the kind of attire that can be worn during the ceremony. The breeze, sunlight, and sand are factors to consider, but these elements of nature need not hamper the couple or their guests in their choice of classy yet comfortable clothes.

A Rule of Thumb: When it comes to formal beachwear, always choose a style that blows with the breeze, flows with the water, but plows through the sand. A comfortable but elegant ensemble may entail using a breathable fabric, such as cotton or tropical wool.

For the bride, her hairstyle and makeup are another consideration. Sweeping her hair back and pinning it with a floral hair clip is a classic way to exude tropical chic even if the breeze blows during the ceremony. Also, remember to go for water-proof makeup that shimmers in the sunlight.

The Décor

Take inspiration from your surroundings and put together decorative elements from nature: starfish and sea shells make for great table accents. Combine these with striking floral arrangements.

Contemporary Tabletop by Pickens Interior Designers & Decorators SLV Design, Inc

One of our current favorites is this pink tropical tabletop décor that showcases orchids and roses in fuchsia and bright red, while white tea light candles hang from the branches and glitter throughout the evening. Summer weddings allow you to play around with bold and contrasting colors.

Mediterranean Candles And Candle Holders by Other Metro Furniture and Accessories Z Gallerie

Also, opt for lighting that blends easily with natural light, but is bright enough to illuminate every corner of the area as the sun begins to set. We recommend adorning your reception area with these Casablanca Lanterns that are both exotic in their detailing yet subtle in their overall appeal.

The Menu

A wedding reception at the beach often takes the form of a cocktail party as it lets guests mingle throughout the event. To keep your menu interesting, serve surf and turf combinations of steak and prawns, tropical coolers ranging from coconut to watermelon, and citrus-based desserts such as lemon and mint tartlets or blood orange sorbet. Summer gives you the perfect opportunity to savor the freshest and most palatable offerings of the year.

So why are beach weddings memorable? Against the backdrop of the sea and the sky blending at the horizon, we are able to celebrate the love between two people.

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