Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts
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Celebrate with Balsam Hill: 7 Amazing Gifts for Fathers’ Day

Those who appreciate the many dimensions of fatherhood know very well that dads have different personalities. In celebration of Fathers’ Day, Balsam Hill lists down seven amazing gifts for seven amazing kinds of dads.

1. The Artistic Dad

Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts

What could be worth more than a Monet masterpiece in the living room? A colorful photo mural that captures dad in one of life’s treasured moments. Choose your favorite photo of him and turn it into a beautiful image on canvas. CafePress creates customized photo murals into gifts your family can cherish for years.

2. The Gourmet Loving Dad

Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts

Now, there’s no need for you to step out of the house for a taste of delicious gourmet. If your dad loves to cook specialty dishes, grab him a copy of Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie. The celebrated chef is on a mission to help his readers become culinary experts. Dads often appreciate Jamie’s straightforward, no-frills approach to cooking as he goes for bold flavors and hearty dishes.

3. The Stylish Dad

Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts

Dads with an eye for style will look dapper any time of the day in this sleek Emporio Armani gilet. This piece in beige matches any color of shirt and pants, and can be worn to the office or at social gatherings. Stylish and comfortable, this versatile sleeveless jacket is perfect for dads who prefer that smart casual look.

4. The Athletic Dad

Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts

Sporty dads just love the adrenaline rush they get from staying fit and healthy. Show your dad how much you appreciate his taking on an active lifestyle by giving him this stylish vintage-looking Pashley Guv’nor English Path Racer. This set of wheels is as much a statement of elegance as it is a useful aid in keeping fit.

5. The Health-conscious Dad

If your dad prefers to take it easy but loves to eat healthy, help him stay on track with a classic Power Juicer from Jack LaLanne. The benefits of a nutritious meal can now be found in a glass of smoothy. Dads can get creative and concoct palate-pleasing and detoxifying fruit and vegetable-based coolers in place of the usual plate of greens.

6. The Tech Savvy Dad

nikon d7100

Dads who love to snap pictures will be all the more inspired to take on their hobby with Nikon’s D7100 digital SLR camera. This premium gadget has been voted 2013’s Best Digital SLR in the advanced category by members of the TIPA: a seal of approval from some of the world’s top photographers and graphics editors. Your dad is guaranteed to take only the most vivid photos because of the camera’s superior capturing power, immortalizing the best moments in life.

7. The Jet Set Dad

Balsam Hill Fathers' Day Gifts

For globe-trotting dads who want to stay stylish, we recommend Gucci’s black leather carry-on duffel bag. This compact carry-on can hold all of dad’s important gadgets, documents, and personal effects while he travels. The rich black leather makes it a classic piece no matter the season.

Balsam Hill recommends these seven amazing gifts tailor-made for dads who love premium quality, and who love to express their style and personality.

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