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How to Host a Spring Auction Party

Hosting your own auction event is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors and extend a feeling of good will. This spring, whether you’re attempting to raise money for a cause or clearing out the results of a vigorous round of spring cleaning, host an auction party to share your home with the rest of the community.

What to Auction or Sell

Before anything else, you have to decide what to auction. Your china collection, Oriental vases, antiques, paintings, and other artwork are great pieces for an auction. Unused exercise equipment and furniture can also be auctioned off.


Photo from zigazou76 via flickr, CC BY 2.0


The trick to choosing your auction items is functionality. Making sure that your articles still hold operational and aesthetic value assures your bidders that your items are worth their money. It also establishes trust between you and your bidders.

After making a list of the items you want to put on the auctioneer’s table, set your initial price. Create a bidding sheet that identifies the minimum bid each item goes for and how much the bidding increments are. Make sure to leave space for the name of the winning bidder and the amount he/she bid for reference at the end of the auction.

Get Volunteers

As the host, you can’t do everything; especially since an auction party needs an auctioneer, a presenter, and a recorder to put the bids and transactions on your bidding sheets. Even if you hold a silent auction, which doesn’t require an auctioneer, you’ll still need volunteers to help you organize the auction items and make sure they go to the winning bidder.

When you find volunteers for your spring fundraising auction, make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the minimum bidding amount and bidding increments to avoid confusion during the auction.

Choose the Venue

For an auction party fitting for the season, hold this event on the lawn or in your garden.


Photo by matthew_hull c/o morgueFile


For decor, a few cocktail tables set around the expanse of your lawn is perfect for encouraging your guests to mingle with one another. Remember, this party also involves meeting and talking to friends and acquaintances, so creating a relaxing atmosphere for your guests is a priority. Set lovely spring flowers in water-filled vases as your centerpieces and complete the decorating with a few lawn chairs for those who wish to sit. Otherwise, the auction items themselves should work well as décor.

Choose the Menu

The menu for your spring auction party should be light and flavorful. Three to five hors d’oeuvres would be ideal. For drinks, two alcoholic (beer and wine) and two non-alcoholic drinks (like the virgin grapefruit mojito) are great for entertaining your guests.


Photo from gordonflood via flickr, CC BY 2.0


To make sure everyone can enjoy the appetizers, provide an array of dishes that will cater to people with various food sensitivities. You can also list the ingredients beside the serving plate so that your guests will know what each dish contains.


Your spring auction party is a great opportunity to get further funding and support for your cause. Once you announce your spring auction party, you may even be able to find people to contribute items to your cause.

How about you? When is your spring auction party?

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