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Warm Up in Style: Design Ideas for Outdoor Hot Tubs

Nothing says luxury and sophistication like having your own outdoor hot tub. A wonderful addition to any backyard, it is also a marvelous and healthy way to keep yourself warm, especially during chilly nights. Aside from being simple fixtures for you to enjoy, hot tubs also elevate the atmosphere of any outdoor living space and complement the beauty of any garden. Let Balsam Hill share some of our favorite ways to create a sophisticated al fresco retreat around the hot tub.

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1. Artificial Waterfalls

Installing an artificial waterfall a few meters from your hot tub not only adds another exquisite layer of natural appeal to your backyard, but also helps create a relaxed atmosphere. Close your eyes and listen to the calm sound of the cascading water as it soothes your senses and takes all your worries away.

Arti Waterfall (Keenan Pepper Flickr)
Photo by Keenan Pepper via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Outdoor Fireplace

Having your own fireplace near a hot tub brings timeless elegance unlike any other. The subtle glow from the hearth makes for a beautiful source of illumination, highlighting the beauty of the hot tub and its surroundings, while the gentle heat brings a warmth perfect for those extra cold evenings. The sound of a crackling fire likewise adds a layer of serenity to your bathing experience.

Hot tub 2 (Flickr Landscape Design Advisor)
Photo by Landscape Design Advisor via flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0


3. Movie Theater System

If you want to be entertained while relaxing in your hot tub, an outdoor entertainment system might just be what you need. With a television or projector screen and a DVD player, you can enjoy your favorite films while having a refreshing dip.

5. Landscape Artistry

Another brilliant option you can take into consideration is to hire a landscape artist to create a space that suits your relaxation needs. You can have a grotto built to mimic the solace of water caverns, or surround the hot tub with trees and gorgeous plant life to recreate those stunning ponds hidden deep within rainforests. If you’re feeling more adventurous, or if you simply want something out of the ordinary, you can have your own desert oasis or beachfront haven to make your hot tub area stand out.

Add another charming and exciting dimension to your bathing experience with these wonderful tips. Do you have any other ideas to make your hot tubs all the more special? Share them with us!

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