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Spring Renewal: Tips on Decorating for Spring

The 20th of March marks the beginning of spring, the season of fresh flowers and invigorating rain showers. This season is all about starting over, making it the perfect time to redecorate your home. Here are some tips on how to enliven your space in time for spring.


Bright Shades and Pastel Hues

Add a pop of color to your home, a fresh change from the dreary blues and grays of winter, by painting your walls a bright color like light yellow or orange. These shades emit an energetic vibe perfect for the season’s theme of renewal.

Brentwood Regency Estate by Elizabeth Dinkel

Kitchen by Los Angeles Interior Designer Elizabeth Dinkel

A color-infused home, however, does not end with the walls. As pictured above, something as simple as a bit of color on a seat cushion, colored tabletop accents, throw pillows, and even rugs can make a room brighter. Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling blog shares some more inspirations on how you can use shades of yellow in your home.

A Change of Drapes

Now that the months of chilly mornings and cold drafts are officially over, let the sun’s rays enter your home by replacing your heavy curtains with something more apt for spring. Imagine sunlight streaming into your bedroom waking you up or into the kitchen as you prepare breakfast. Hang sheer drapes to filter light or lace curtains for a dappled effect on your floors and furnishings.

Photo by kaktuslampan via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0


Furniture Update

Updating old pieces of furniture make for a classic touch of vintage in your abode, like this distressed coffee table from Namely Original. All you need are primer, paint, and sandpaper. Coat your table, chair, or desk with the primer, and apply two coats of paint afterwards. Once the paint has dried, swipe the edges or any other parts you want to appear distressed with sandpaper. A good thing about upcycling an old furnishing is that you can easily choose a color that suits or complements your room’s design.


Bringing Nature into Your Home

What better way to freshen up your interiors than by decorating with a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit, or putting some potted herbs on your kitchen window sill? If you have a garden, you can simply cut a few long-stemmed blooms and put them in a nice vase.

For something that doubles as a centerpiece and an edible arrangement, this floral arrangement from Somewhat Simple is a great idea. To make this centerpiece, you will need the following:

  • Tulips (or any long-stemmed flower)
  • 3 kinds of vases—a shallow basin, a tall, slender vase that can be placed on the former, and a small glass container that can nestle inside the mouth of the tall vase
  • Yarn and ribbon

First, you’ll need to cut the tulips at about the same length. Surround the tall vase with these flowers and secure them in place with yarn. You’ll want to hide the yarn from view, and that’s when the ribbon comes in. Place the tall vase with the flowers in the shallow basin filled with water, and then rest the small container atop the vase. Add colorful candy to the latter as a treat for your children or for your guests.

Wooden Welcome Centerpiece by Balsam Hill

You can also take decorating with the basic elements up a notch with some wooden décor pieces on the table in your foyer. This wooden centerpiece from Balsam Hill is ideal for springtime as it welcomes friends and family into your home with a simple message that says it all.

Say goodbye to the winter blahs as you let spring into your home. Do you have any other tips on how to redecorate your home this season? Share them with us!



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