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High Definition: Design Ideas for the Media Room

The awards season may have come to a close but there’s no reason to draw the curtains on a great cinematic experience. A luxurious media room allows you to enjoy the magic of the movies in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Setting up a home theater system is not only about connecting electronic components. As these three examples show, designing your media room is also about turning the spotlight on a glamorous space that captures your love for cinema.

Traditional Media Room design by Las Vegas Interior Designer Macaluso Designs, Inc.

Choosing the Right Space

The media room is a versatile space for entertaining family and friends. Whether the setup includes an easy-to-install high-definition television set and DVD player, or an elaborate wide screen with surround sound, the home theater magnetizes viewers yearning for that complete cinematic experience.

The family room can often double as a media room. But you can also opt for a separate area that you can turn into a magnificent theater, such as this one by Macaluso Designs.

The layout of the media room is just as important as your high-quality audio and visual equipment. Select a rectangular—instead of a square—room and arrange the seats as a barrier between parallel walls. The cushion on the seats eliminates the occurrence of what is known in acoustics as standing waves, or waves that reflect off an opposite wall and cancel identical waves as they bounce off. The Palmieri Builders made exquisite use of this space: the first row serves as a curved barrier to enrich the sonic experience within the room.

The important thing is to choose an area of the house that is both spacious and intimate.

Mediterranean Media Room design by Palmieri Builders

Choosing the Right Equipment

You can hire professionals who can take care of everything, from the equipment to the decor of your media room. But when installing your own home theater system, having these essentials will make the entire process more convenient. Make sure you have the following:

  • Plasma or LCD TV for crystal clear images
  • Stereo with surround sound speakers for optimum quality
  • Blu-Ray or HD DVD player
  • Universal remote control
  • Surge protector
  • Digital cables

It is all about finding the equipment that will suit your needs.

Choosing the Right Decor

Tie together the look of the media room with your selection of accent pieces, wall colors, and light fixtures. Maraya Interior Design added a whimsical touch to this media room while allowing the walls to absorb light.

Eclectic Media Room design by Santa Barbara Architect Maraya Interior Design

The design of your home theater can range from vintage to futuristic. Either way, consider these points when dreaming up your space:

  • When installing wood panels to enhance the acoustics of your room, choose dark wood for that bold and vintage theatrical feel.
  • If wood panels seem too heavy for your design aesthetic, paint your walls in a color that does not reflect light.
  • Block out additional light from windows by putting up heavy curtains.
  • Install wall-to-wall carpeting to absorb sound and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Lastly, use recessed ceiling lights, sconces, pendants, and floor or step lights to bring out the intimate ambiance of your media room.
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