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The Best Food and Wine Pairings for Spring

In the words of wine connoisseur and merchant André Simon, “wine makes every meal an occasion and every table more elegant.” The vivacity of life is best captured in a bottle of wine.

And now, the advent of spring gives us a new reason to celebrate with these delectable food and wine pairings that bring out the flavors of the season.

wine glasses
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Shrimp Canapés and Zweigelt

Zweigelt’s spicy and exotic flavor profile blends well with the freshness of the shrimp. This Austrian red is distinct because of the aromas of cinnamon and violets, albeit versatile as it can pair with various dishes. The secret to preparing this classic appetizer is to season the shrimp lightly. This will allow the wine to coat your palate with its peppery flavor while you savor the succulence of the seafood.

shrimp canepes and wine
Image by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee /

Grilled Artichokes and Barbera or Dolcetto

The smokiness of the grilled artichoke already creates a dimension of flavor to this dish. But this spring vegetable also contains a natural chemical called cynarin, which brings out the sweetness of wine. When matched with the wrong vino, the fusion of flavors may lead to an overly saccharine, and sometimes even metallic, taste. For an excellent pairing, serve this spring dish with a wine whose acidity balances that sweetness. You can experiment with the boldness of a Barbera or Dolcetto. Both wines have a dry taste profile with the bittersweet character of ripe berries – perfect for grilled dishes.

Oysters and Sauvignon Blanc

A staple at cocktail parties, the pairing of oysters and Sauvignon Blanc gives you that “strong taste of the sea” that Ernest Hemingway famously wrote about in A Moveable Feast.  The pungent flavor of oysters on ice complements the crisp, citrusy profile of this quintessential white wine.

oysters on ice
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Roast Lamb and Tempranillo

The pièce de résistance on the Easter table, the roast lamb, offers a complex layer of flavors from the succulence of the meat to the richness of the herbs. Such a full-bodied main course deserves a wine with an equally bold taste profile. The aged quality of the Tempranillo strikes the palate with a strong leathery taste but finishes smoothly with the tang of cherry, plum, and tomato. As a medium-bodied wine, this Spanish red is savory – a delectable complement to roast vegetables and meats.

roast lamb
Image by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee /
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