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Shades of White: The Color of Opulence and Perfection in Your Home

White has always been associated with purity and cleanliness. When chosen as the primary color in interior design, white represents immaculateness—the color of perfection that only the boldest of perfectionists would dare to have in their homes.

Some might say that white limits creativity and that it is a bit too severe for their taste. On the contrary, a white room serves as the perfect canvas for your home décor. This Balsam Hill blog post shows you how to use this pristine color to your full advantage.

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Shades of White and Minimalism

A minimalist design relies on the exposure of solely important elements. White and its various shades—ecru, eggshell, ivory white, and several others—offer a monochromatic look that is sleek and luxurious.

For a minimalist approach to interior design, opt for eggshell walls, pure white sofas, and beige throw pillows. Avoid buying sets of furniture for your home. Rather, invest in pieces that go well together. Likewise, adorn your walls with décor that imparts a warm atmosphere to your home to balance out white’s “severity.”

Keep in mind, however, that white walls can end up looking grimy if not looked after properly. Make sure that the paint used on your walls is easy-clean paint for an immaculate look.


Textures on White

Since it is true that white can get a little dull after some time, incorporating textures into your overall design is the best solution. Imagine a sea of people wearing white designer pantsuits and dresses. A sequined ecru dress and a cream fur stole are sure to attract attention.

Integrate shiny tabletops and fur rugs into your home’s design for a classy look that is still not over the top. Textured walls also help liven up your living spaces as they add flair to a room.

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A Pop of Color

If you still want to use white as the primary theme for your interior décor, but you are a bit apprehensive about maintaining its pristine look, add a splash of color to break up the monotony.

A dramatic color like red or violet brings in a touch of drama to an already elegant room. Of course, going overboard with too many colorful objects may not be the best idea. Moderation is still the key to a sophisticated living space.

Bright sofas, pillows, and even abstract paintings command attention, but they also greatly complement rooms with a white motif. Another good idea for a dash of brightness is a single solid-colored wall amidst white surroundings. You can also check out this blog post on how to incorporate emerald green, the color of the year, into your white-themed spaces.

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Take one of the boldest steps of interior decorating by choosing white as your design theme, and impress your friends with your pristine home the next time you invite them over for dinner and drinks.

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