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National Margarita Day: A Classy Celebration with a Well-loved Drink

Today, Balsam Hill joins the country as it celebrates National Margarita Day with its own more intimate version of a gathering centered on the margarita. A long-time staple of tiki bars and beachside cabanas, these margaritas will have you setting aside your usual Bellini for the ultimate in frosty refreshment.

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Twists on Your Favorite Margarita

Everyone knows the basic ingredients to a margarita: tequila, triple sec, lime, and coarse salt. But this drink has evolved into something more sophisticated that every crowd can enjoy.

For something with a hint of spicy ginger, try Jean Georges Vongerichten’s ginger margarita recipe, a favorite drink of patrons of the Spice Market restaurant in New York.

For another unique recipe with some heat, try the cilantro and jalapeno margarita much like what the Medlock Ames offers. James Jerry Stone’s recipe for this spicy drink is quite easy to follow.

Photo from qnsagetyrtle via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0


What’s more, you can even customize the color of the drink to match your overall décor. There are red-, blue-, and even green-hued margaritas that are easy to make yet sure to impress your guests.  Saveur has some recipes for bright-colored margaritas like the garden variety margarita, which surprisingly includes kale, and the guavarita, a sweet guava-based drink.

Menu Options

While tortilla chips may seem at home at a margarita party, more refined dishes would instantly elevate the ambiance of the gathering. For something fancy yet familiar, prepare coconut-poached shrimp tostadas. The freshly poached shrimp impart extra flavor and texture to the otherwise traditional tortillas and guacamole.


Photo from You As A Machine via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0


If you’ll be hosting your margarita party during dinnertime, a heavier meal is more appropriate. This lime-marinated skirt steak is the perfect dish to serve your guests. The lime-infused marinade and pungent garlic only serve to further whet the appetite for a refreshing margarita.


Décor Tips

A margarita party often calls for loud, Mexican-inspired décor. For something subtler, simply add a touch of warm color to your décor with fresh flowers on your table and festive red accents on your mantelpiece.

If you’re having your margarita party in your backyard, make sure that your outdoor furniture can comfortably accommodate everyone you plan to invite. The alfresco setting, touched up with some bright colors on your tablescape, is enough to create a festive yet refined ambiance.

Like the twist on the classic margarita recipe, make a few tweaks to the usual margarita party for a classy yet still fun get-together with your friends.

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