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How to Host a Couples-only Party

While Valentine’s Day may have officially ended, you can always continue to celebrate the love you have in your life by hosting a couples-only party with a few close friends. Here are some tips on how to host a relaxing night of entertainment for you and your spouse’s married friends.

Who to Invite

Before you start preparing for your party, draft a guest list. Discuss with your husband if the two of you want to invite couples that you know extremely well, or friends and their partners whom you’ve never met and want to get to know.

Inviting people who you and your husband are comfortable with, on the one hand, ensures a smooth-sailing dinner party. You’ve all met each other before and can enjoy inside jokes and reminisce about times past. On the other hand, inviting friends and their partners whom you’re not particularly close to allows you and your husband to gain new friends. You might just find a new member for your book club or your husband might find himself a new golf partner.

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Once you’ve finally decided whom you want to invite, send out your invitations. For something more formal, a printed or hand-written card would set the tone for the evening, while an online invitation or phone call would establish that you’re hosting a casual gathering.

What to Eat

Dinner can either be simple or elaborate. Keep in mind, however, that the food you lay on your dinner table should form a cohesive menu and suit the ambiance of your party. To make things easier, you can simply choose to serve a particular cuisine – something simple and rustic with finger foods for an informal meal, or a fancy French five-course affair for a lavish party.

You may also want to consider asking your guests what types of food they enjoy in particular. Remember to be mindful of guests who have allergies.


What to Do

Prepare some background music for the party. Play something relaxing that can help you and your guests unwind during the evening with after-dinner cocktails or coffee.

You can also engage everyone in a friendly game of charades or a board game like Scrabble. Awarding the winner a prized bottle of wine from your collection may add some extra incentive for everyone to become immersed in the game.

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How to Decorate

Create an inviting ambiance by setting up an elegant table centerpiece. A preserved floral wreath like the Ruby Apple Wreath will definitely add a luxurious touch to your dinner table. Place a simple candle and a candle-holder at the center of the wreath to add some ambient lighting to the dining room.

If you want something more low-key, you can opt for a floral arrangement instead.


Hosting a party is a wonderful way to forget about the worries of everyday life and enjoy a relaxed evening with friends. Simply be calm as you go about your preparations, and you’ll find that hosting the perfect party is absolutely effortless.

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