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Fashion-forward Fridays: Gateways to Exquisite and Romantic Vacations

There has never been a day when love is more celebrated than Valentine’s. Owners of flower shops and candy stores see a lot of business when February starts rolling in, and reservations to the best and most romantic restaurants and hotels are made. While most people are already thrilled at the prospect of receiving a dozen roses and having a five-course dinner with a great view of a starlit sky, no one will ever turn down a luxurious getaway with a loved one. Balsam Hill takes you on, probably not a magic carpet ride, but a romantic tour of the world’s most exquisite places to enjoy a crackling fire or a glass of champagne with your partner.


For Your Eyes Only

engagement ringExperience summer early by making a reservation at the Jean Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji. The resort offers a private island getaway for couples who want nothing else but to bask in the sun with only their loved one’s eyes on them. Villas make for a special retreat after a day of wading in the clear waters of the island. For the men who have finally decided to commit to a life-long union, a dinner by the sea as the sun casts its final rays is nothing short of perfection before getting down on one knee and proposing.

If you want something nearer to home, though, a close runner-up for lovers of the sun and sea is Necker Island of the British Virgin Islands.



The Way to Each Other’s Heartseiffel tower

Romantic hotel dinners are always a no-fail way to charm a loved one. Take it a notch higher by boarding a plane to have dinner in one of the most romantic cities in the world: Paris.

With a beautiful history and lovely architecture, the City of Love is always included in several lists of places to visit. For a perfect getaway, choose the Four Seasons Hotel, George V. Get a taste of delectable French cuisine at the hotel’s very own restaurant, Le Cinq, where the cutlery and tablecloths were customized to suit the venue’s elegance. After a gastronomic dinner, head to the bar for an intimate nightcap.

If you’ve already been to Paris and you want something different yet still familiar, the Sofitel So Bangkok in Thailand is a good choice as well.



A Collision of Worlds

fireplaceShakespeare is, by far, considered one of the greatest poets and playwrights there ever was. One of his famous works, Romeo and Juliet, has had several adaptations already, and the love between the star-crossed lovers has mesmerized many. If you and your lover are among those people, then you will be enchanted with Verona’s Il Sogno di Giulietta (Juliet’s Dream). Cozy and charming, this romantic house consists of only of a few bedrooms to preserve its intimate appeal.

Aside from the already-beautiful surroundings and the historical appeal of the place, you and your date can also go for a horse-drawn carriage ride around Verona. Staying at this gorgeous house in Italy is a Valentine’s Day well spent.

Another architectural beauty is the Villa Bellissima, also in Italy, where lovers are greeted with crackling fireplaces and dazzling views of the countryside.


While flying to a different country to celebrate Valentine’s Day is indeed a grand romantic gesture, when you’re with someone you truly care about, remember that sometimes a simple candlelit home-cooked meal at the end of the day can be just as heartfelt. Whether you and your partner love to indulge in romantic getaways or cozy nights by the fireplace, Balsam Hill wishes you a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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