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Fashion-forward Fridays: The Color of the Year

Let Friday be a day for gaining inspiration on how to decorate your home. In this series of posts, Balsam Hill lets you in on the latest design and home décor to keep your living spaces elegant and up-to-date.

With honeysuckle pink and tangerine tango featured as the colors of the year for 2011 and 2012, respectively, interior designers have been immersed in warm colors. Come 2013, we welcome Pantone’s refreshing color of the year announcement with open arms. Emerald, a rich jewel tone, is this year’s hue of choice for fashion and home design.

Photo by jinkazamah via flickr. CC BY 2.0
Photo by jinkazamah via flickr. CC BY 2.0


Color Association and Pairings

Emerald symbolizes not only prosperity and abundance, but also nature and the environment. Green also signifies renewal, which is perfect for starting a new year and for redecorating your home.

With its rich hue, emerald can be paired with several colors. Aside from the neutral shades of black and white, emerald serves as a good accent to already-busy prints, making it an ideal choice for home décor.

Life is Short
Pops off a green background

Kitchen Charm

While red whets your appetite, green reminds you of the importance of health and wellbeing. A touch of emerald in your kitchen keeps the space feeling fresh. Opt for green countertops and overhead cabinets. Bring a potted plant or two indoors and place it in by your kitchen window. You can also paint a single wall emerald green and hang a chic wooden frame to serve as a simple yet unique accent.

If you’re not prepared to do any bold redecorating, you can simply add a pop of emerald to your breakfast nook chairs.


Bedroom Tranquility

Warm tones in your bedroom can make it a bit difficult to fall asleep, whereas cool colors lull you into easy slumber. For a zen yet fashion-forward bedroom, redecorate with rich emerald green sheets or silky green pillows on neutral linens.

Hang sheer green curtains on your bedroom window to get just the right amount of illumination for your daily reading hour.


Living Room Accents

For those who desire nothing but the most sophisticated and up-to-date furniture, a bench in an emerald shade would be perfect. But for other homeowners who want something understated, an animal-print throw pillow in a green hue is the perfect accent for neutral-colored sofas. A green candle holder placed on an accent table also commands attention. Keeping colors and prints at a minimum always assures elegance.

candle holder

There are many ways to incorporate the color of the year in your home. This year, feel like royalty by surrounding yourself with emerald green.

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