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Dress to Impress Holiday Tips

The holidays are a fabulous occasion for dressing up. The joyous and bustling Christmas season is filled with festive events to attend (or host!), whether they be an intimate family gathering or a spectacular dinner event. These exciting events, however, can pose some challenges when deciding just what to wear to flaunt your sophisticated style. Holiday dressing is all about attention to each sparkling detail, so accomplish a chic and luminous look with these tips in mind:


Consider the Theme

The basic rule to avoid being either overdressed or too casually dressed for a party is to conceive your outfit around the theme. Tailored dress slacks or pants with intricate pinstripes are the perfect men’s wear option for more formal events, while a dress or jumpsuit made of silky fabric or lace in a standout tone is ideal for women. Casual means go simple: a toned-down outfit topped off with perhaps a distinctive sweater or blouse.


Go Red

The holidays are all about cheer exuded through splashes of festive color. This is the best time to flaunt bold hues and wear something red, not just bright red, but also consider variations like cranberry, claret, or more of an orange red. A silky red top or velvet red tie shows that you are embracing the holiday spirit. If your tastes are more subtle, and you gravitate toward monochromes, experiment with adding hints of color to a black dress via your accessories or shoes. For men who opt for clothes in classic colors like navy blue or earthy brown, even your socks, scarf, or cufflinks can add plenty of selective panache.


Simple Can Be Stylish

Casual parties typically necessitate a pared-down dress code, but there is still room for dressing up if you keep it simple. Stylish, dark jeans are a great choice for both men and women, with men going for fitted signature jeans and women for clean indigo ones. Women can look fab by pairing up-market denim with a silky top and sophisticated accessories. Likewise, the casual look of a V-neck sweater worn over an un-tucked shirt with collar for men works well in the casual party scene.


Walk with Panache

Shoes can make or break a great outfit, so choose a pair that adds charm and elegance to your look. Embellished flats or kitten heels with gems can brighten up any outfit for women. Bold styles like leopard prints, floral, or damask can also do wonders to enliven a woman’s party ensemble, whether she’s wearing casual jeans or a dress. Tailored sneakers or loafers are a fun and fashionable style alternative for men.


Accessorize Wisely

Jewelry instantly adds refinement and effervescence to any outfit. Avoid excessive and overbearing jewelry that might steal the limelight from your dress. Go for a bit of statement jewelry like cuffs or earrings to bedazzle to your outfit. Pearls and glittery chandelier earrings add glamor, while vintage embellishments add more character to your look.


Prioritize Comfort

Before finalizing any outfit, think – “Can I enjoy the entire evening’s revelries in this dress?” Holiday parties are full of fun-filled activities, so while you have to look glam, you should also be able to move around and not just for dancing! Feeling comfortable means being able to shine and smile your way throughout the party, giving you an effortless and infectious glow that will keep you going through the New Year.


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