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Entertaining Etiquette

Entertaining can be quite a daunting task. Not only do you have to decide on an appetizing menu and plan sophisticated décor to match, as a host, you also have to ensure that your guests are reveling in the festivities. Lighten the burden with some of our practical tips – your next event will definitely be a smashing success.

Invites & R.S.V.P.

Above all, remember to send out invites up to a month prior to the planned party. This ensures that your guests have ample time to R.S.V.P. and note your party in their calendars. Sending invitations out too early may result in guests losing their anticipation for the event. The key is to entice your guests with a marvelous invite that drops hints on what they may expect, so that they will arrive ready to have a magnificent time.

Welcoming your Guests

Once your guests arrive, welcome them with a vibrant greeting, and let them know where they can attain refreshments and scrumptious appetizers while waiting for the main event. Making your guests feel welcome from the start puts everyone in a pleasant mood, creating an ambiance in which your guests can comfortably mingle with each other.

Converse & Mingle

As a host, it is your duty to keep the conversation flowing among your guests, so remember to make the rounds and converse with everyone. If you happen to spot anyone looking out of place, take the initiative and introduce them to others, or invite them into conversations by asking their opinions on certain topics.

Bidding Goodbye

Once the party ends and everyone’s ready to leave, express your gratitude for your guests’ presence by personally thanking each of them. If you have the time, walk them to the door and warmly bid them a safe trip home. You may also thank them by sending them home with little gift baskets that will remind them of the entertaining night they have just had

While it is important that your guests enjoy themselves, remember to pry yourself away from your hosting duties and revel in the delightful party atmosphere yourself. Your presence establishes the tone for the night, and ensures that your party is one that your guests will remember for years to come.

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