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Beautify Small Spaces for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to embellish your living space with an array of festive, colorful decorations. However, if you find yourself limited in terms of the amount of space you can decorate, don’t worry. While small spaces may limit your design choices, they can also be fun to decorate, requiring you to use a little more imagination and creativity to transform every nook and cranny in your home into a holiday masterpiece.

A decorated Sonoma Slim Pencil Christmas Tree from Balsam Hill fan Allyson of Detroit, MI


Here are a few simple tips to help you set the holiday mood in your modest home:

Create a Focal Point

The focal point of the holiday season is a tall, beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Unfortunately, most small spaces cannot accommodate the standard tree. However, thanks to the ingenuity of our tree designers, you can now enjoy the lushness of a full tree that fits in small rooms through slim or narrow artificial Christmas trees. For a stunningly realistic slender tree, you can turn to Balsam Hill’s Sonoma Slim Pencil Christmas tree. Inspired by the majestic landscape of Northern California’s scenic wine country, this tree adds sophistication and warmth to your home while fitting in corners and other space-limited areas.

Another option is to decorate branches with your usual Christmas tree decorations and place it in a corner of your room. You may use fake or real tree branches, preferably those that are long and thick enough to bear the weight of the ornaments. Place these in clear or opaque vases packed with beads to help it stand straight. Hang your favorite Christmas ornaments on them and add a dash of tinsel to brighten it up.

If you’re willing to do away with an actual tree replica, you may opt for Christmas tree decals that you can stick on your walls. These decals come in an array of sizes. This way, you won’t have to do any major furniture shifting. These decals are also easy to remove once the Christmas season is over, making for hassle-free cleanup.

Pick Pertinent Decorating Items

If you’re not careful, you may end up over-decorating your space, which will actually have the effect of making a small space look even smaller. Take stock of your décor items and pick unique pieces that will enhance the space, not detract from it. The best way to do this is to pick a main décor item, like a holiday vase or vibrant holiday stockings, and juxtapose the rest of your décor against it. One or two unique pieces should be enough.

Leave Functional Space

If you’re decorating a small foyer or hallway, make sure you still leave enough walking room and standing space for your guests. Stay away from standing décor pieces and use items you can easily place atop tables or the mantel. If you want added vibrancy, tinsel, garlands, and wreaths are great, no-fuss alternatives that take up very little space.

Spruce up your home with these easy tips and turn your entire house into a fun, festive area suitable for holiday parties with friends and family.


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