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Tips from Celebrity Party Planners

Planning parties can be quite an elaborate task. From deciding on a theme, to purchasing decorations, setting up, and finalizing the guest list, there is a lot that needs to be accomplished in a short amount of time. Apply these helpful celebrity party planner tips during the upcoming holiday season, and turn your next party into a stunning success.

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Use the Space

The magnitude of a party is highly dependent upon the space. Selecting the venue early is key to determining the overall party ambiance. If you have picked a large space, be sure to get a floor plan to use as a guide when plotting out where everything should go. Whatever your venue’s scope and capacity may be, the important thing to remember is to always maximize the space.

Decide on the Theme

A party’s theme dictates the décor you would need to purchase, so select the theme as early as possible. Aside from design elements, also start laying out the color palette so that everything in the room is well coordinated. Great parties do not just rely on entertainment and food, but they also rely on the ambiance that visual décor creates. Give your guests an experience to remember by choosing a theme that is fresh and engaging.


Keep things simple. It is quite easy to go overboard and drench your space in an opulent array of décor. Once you have picked your theme, it should be a lot easier to narrow down your décor ideas. For example, keep table settings simple through elegant décor blocking. Instead of a huge, overwhelming centerpiece, opt for a simple, understated piece that helps ground the overall ambiance of the table design. You should always give your guests enough table space to comfortably converse with each other.

Guest List & Seating Chart

The guest list is one of the most important components of any party. When putting together your list, consider where each group will be seated and whether everyone within the group is compatible,  even if they have never met before. After all, a party’s success is also rooted in how well the guests interact with each other. So be mindful of your guests’ chemistry when sending out invites and planning the seating chart.

Party Favors

Express your gratitude toward your guests with appropriate and elegant party favors. Whether they are pre-placed on the tables or distributed at the door, party favors are your final way of sending everyone off with a tangible memory of the event. Link your party favors to your party. For instance, with an autumn-themed party, consider giving out personalized bottles of maple syrup. This thoughtful gesture perfectly captures the party ambiance and gives your guests something they can appreciate at home.

No matter what party you may have planned in the next few months, just remember to always infuse your own personality and creativity. It is always more memorable and enjoyable when a party reflects the host’s unique character and lifestyle. When you apply these valuable tips, your guests will surely have a wonderful time.

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