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Introducing Balsam Hill’s Exquisite Floral Wreaths

The approach of the holiday season signals that it is time, once again, to lavish our homes with festive decorations and holiday cheer. This year, Balsam Hill is proud to announce its collection of beautifully crafted floral wreaths, which have been specially designed for our company. These wreaths are handcrafted from lush plants and flowers such as eucalyptus, myrtle, sinuata, and hydrangeas. These plants are preserved and treated by experts to ensure that they will last throughout the holidays.

There are many places where you can display floral wreaths for guests to admire in all their exquisite glory. Hang a wreath on a door to welcome guests into your home, or attach it to a stair rail or balcony for all to admire. You may even hang one by the fireplace, or simply place it on a table to serve as a centerpiece. Wherever you choose to place your floral wreath, this exquisitely designed conversation piece will enhance the air of elegance in your home.

Here are some of our favorites among the new floral wreath designs:


The 22-inch Abundant Harvest Wreath, perfect for fall, features a combination of fruits and flowers, such as pomegranates and hydrangeas. The overall effect is one of harmony – the wreath reflects the rich and colorful bounty of nature, producing a stunning effect in its simplicity.



The 22-inch Pheasant Landing Wreath is a sophisticated conversation piece featuring a unique design. This wreath is held together by a twig base and covered with phalaris, myrtle and salal leaves, perfectly blending deep cool and warm earthy colors. The pheasant feathers add a unique finish to this luxurious harmony of flora and fauna.


The sight of the elegant 18-inch Royal Christmas Wreath conjures up Christmas spirit wherever you display it. This stylish design emanates holiday cheer with its rich brown, green, red and gold color combination – the classic Christmas colors. The wreath is also accented with red eucalyptus, gold pinecones, and cedar, fusing rich earthy tones with bright, festive colors.

Make your holiday extra special this year with one of Balsam Hill’s new preserved floral wreaths.

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