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Elegant Party Appetizers

A party is never complete without a flavorsome array of appetizers to initiate lively conversation and bring guests together. Do away with the usual fare of cheese trays and pigs in a blanket, and incorporate these scrumptious culinary treats into your next dinner party.

Caviar Canapé

Nothing embodies sophistication more than caviar. For a classic appetizer, toast mini-brioches and top them off with a teaspoon of crème fraiche and your favorite caviar. You may even give your guests options by allowing them to select the caviar of their choice. For an added visual twist, cut the brioche into various shapes to match the party theme, like an autumn leaf to match an autumn dinner party. Garnish with your favorite fresh herbs.

Layered Puff Pastry Squares

Puff pastry appetizers are one of the easiest things to prepare when you’re in a rush. You can purchase a large quantity of pre-made puff pastry dough from your local supermarket and bake it at home as needed. Dress up the puff pastry by layering it into mini sandwiches with an array of fillings. From sweet fig jams to savory pâté, your puff pastry appetizer plate will offer a delectable range of choices for your discerning guests.

Plentiful Chips & Dip

Everyone loves chips and dip. Update this party staple by providing a collection of sumptuous dips, such as salmon and cream cheese, hot crab, spicy guacamole, traditional hummus, and fresh salsa. These dips are effortless to make and taste amazing accompanied by organic corn chips or toasted bread sticks.

Mini-Tarts & Pies

Whether sweet or savory, mini-tarts and mini-pies are an excellent way to delight your guests with a flavorful dining experience. These appetizers are small and manageable yet grand in flavor. Indulge your guests with trays of different tarts and pies. Popular fillings range from fruit jams to smoked salmon, cream cheese, caramel and nuts, chicken ala king, and caviar. Go ahead and fill these appetizers with your favorite seasonal ingredients and give your guests a thoroughly satisfying dining experience.

Your family and friends will delight in your creative passion and gastronomic skill with these elegant and exciting party appetizer ideas. The best parties, after all, are those that offer a delectable food selection coupled with great company.

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