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Best Food & Wine Pairings for Fall

Autumn marks the season for warm family get-togethers over meals laden with seasonal favorites such as pumpkins, apples, squash, and figs. Complementing these with wine can be tricky, especially with the wide variety of wine options on the market. Here are few ways to help you find the perfect wine to match autumn’s delectable food selection.

Pot Roast

Nothing celebrates the chill in the air like a good old-fashioned family pot roast. Sumptuous and meaty, this dish is best paired with an equally hearty wine. A glass of full-bodied cabernet sauvignon or merlot is a great way to bring out the dish’s beefiness, with the warmth of the wine balancing out the strong, rich flavor of the beef. This pairing evens out the palate, turning a simple pot roast into a gourmet feast.

Roast Chicken 

Chicken is light yet hearty fare that goes well with autumn’s fresh produce. Either roasted on its own, or surrounded by chopped vegetables such as pumpkin and carrots, it makes for a dependable autumn dinner that is lauded by many. Complement its delicate flavor with a glass of chardonnay or Pinot noir. The tartness in the wine highlights the dish’s classic flavor, effortlessly blending with the rich flavors of autumn produce.

Pumpkin Risotto

With the abundance of pumpkin throughout the season, it’s no surprise that autumn risotto features pumpkin as its star ingredient. Balance out the richness of the risotto with a glass of Pinot gris. This wine has a hint of spice and just the right amount of tartness to cut through the hearty pumpkin risotto.

Fruit-Laden Dishes

Desserts – either fresh and warm from the oven, or chilled overnight – are a fantastic way to end any meal. Whether it is a rich slice of cake or a fruity dish, ensure that you pick a wine that leans towards the light, fruity or flowery end of the palate. Veer away from the bolder selections and let the dessert shine. A glass of white wine like a Torrontés, Moscato, or Riesling makes a beautiful match for any dessert.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner is a huge mix of flavors and textures. Finding a single wine to match them all can be quite a daunting task. So before picking between a red or white wine, first consider which dish in your Thanksgiving menu has the boldest flavors and which dish leans towards more delicate flavors. From there, you can pick a wine that falls somewhere in the middle. Pinot noir and Sauvignon Blanc are generally good choices that complement a range of flavors.

Give these wine matching suggestions a try, keeping in mind that matching wine with food is all about balancing flavors. A strong wine goes amazing with an equally strong flavored dish, and vice versa. Just remember to never overpower the flavors of your autumn dishes and you won’t go wrong.

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